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flashback friday: one year ago

i’m imagining, that with the subject matter of my latest posts, you’ve got to be sick of my pictures.
so this post is going to be a little variation from my typical flashback friday.

we’re going back. one year ago. to the blog post that i published on this day in 2011.

wait for it……


the embroidered vintage camera (from the crafty cpa) that kicked off my newfound love for the craft. since this time last year, i’ve stitched a coke bottle, a spider web, a bel-air and even a cool case to hold my current projects. i’ve stitched so many other things for other people too. just check out my embroidery category here.

and the greatest thing…i still love it. i currently have 2 hoops going that i haven’t worked on in a while but they sit where i can see them and every few days, they call my name.

embroidery is cool like that. i can just walk away when i need to and i don’t even have to hit save. or back it up. or lock its screen. when i’m ready to pick it back up, it’s exactly where i left off. quite a bit different than everyday life where everything moves so fast that you can’t even figure out how 4 people can produce 5 loads of laundry every other day.

coming back to this post reminds me of summer evenings on the hammock. swinging and stitching. watching the boys play. listening to feel good music. making something tangible.

with all the insta-everything on the iPhone…i’ve not felt much like crafting (outside of project life). and i miss that part of me. it’s what makes me me and what started this whole blog thing to begin with. i feel like i’m not inspiring people anymore. well, maybe with my pictures and outfits but i miss the feeling of sending off a post and feeling like, ‘someone else can totally do that too!!!!’

well, maybe this weekend will change that. maybe this weekend i will take some clues from my zillion pinterest boards and make something.

i didn’t intend for this post to end up becoming what it did. i wasn’t sure what i was going to find when i searched for JUNE 8, 2011 in my blog list. i was just gonna roll with it, baby. (hi-five if you sang that like a steve winwood groupie!) but my mind is clear tonight and that allowed me to realize what i’ve been missing since i gained penelope (iPad) and phineas (iPhone). as convenient and fun as they are, i’m cluttering my mind with most of their nonsense. i’m just scrolling. not thinking or creating or doing. not much, at least.

so i’m dedicated to turn my maybe into do it.
it may be a bike ride or a book.
it may be an embroidery project which i’m suddenly jonzin’ for.
or it may be making some new pieces for my long forgotten etsy shop. (notice how i’m not linking you there? it’s a whole lotta nuttin’.)

either way, something’s getting made. i must create.

have you thought about what you’re missing in your life? hmmmm, wonder what might be holding you back? it may not be your iStuff….but it may be something right in front of you. ?


4 thoughts on “flashback friday: one year ago”

  1. Digital craftiness is a lot of fun and can be very beautiful, but there’s something very different about creating with your hands… it leaves more of an imprint I guess. I love your embroidery, it’s something I’ve been wanting to start. Always enjoy your posts!

  2. Hi there! I’ve only just come across your blog.. ironically via my week old iPad on Pinterest and I just lost myself in your wonderful crafty world for the last 15 min or so.. and you’ve inspired me to create! Good luck with turning to maybe into doing it 🙂 I went for an hour bike ride today.. after 2 weeks of rain I had to!

    1. i am so happy that you stopped by and flattered that you stayed to dig around. yay for bike rides…good for you! congrats also on your new toy. i love mine and spend a lot of time on pinterest also…send me your pinterest link and i’ll follow you! love to see what others are up to.
      hope you have a great day!

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