retrohipmama style: a dress and less

what’s up guys? what kind of things did you wear this week? i actually got dressed a lot more than you’ll see here but i’ve been ignoring my phone when i get home which means i’m not taking outfit pics as much. but these two days, i had the time, the desire and the phone in my hand.

this dress has a bit of a story. it’s my NY dress. a few years ago, matt and i won a trip to the big apple to meet glenn beck. it was such an amazingly awesome and fast trip. you can see some of the highlights in this post…if you want. but back to the dress…

this was the dress i bought for our fancy dinner with all the contest winners. we ended up walking around times square also so of course, i have a pic of me, in times square, wearing this dress. that’s my memory of it. therefore, i always considered it to be “too fancy” to wear to work. even though it is perfectly appropriate, adorable and super comfortable.

but i banished that thought last week when temps began to soar.

here it is, paired with turquoise and red accessories. i think it worked!


it’s a simple outfit really. not a tin of thought was put into it. but that’s what i really love about it.

skinny jeans, black top. the basics right? adding my flower print wedges, new pink button earrings. (duplicates will be in the shop soon.) and a triple low bun made it more than ho-hum. the hair is hard to see with the angles i was able to get int he mirror, but it’s just 3 low messy buns. off the neck and it took 5 minutes.


so i’m shooting for more outfit pics this week, if you want to see them. sometimes i feel so vain just snapping pics and posting them. i’m not crazy right?



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3 thoughts on “retrohipmama style: a dress and less”

  1. nope, you aren’t crazy! i love your fashion post. i dress vicariously through you.. since i go NOWHERE.. and currently half of my wardrobe BAGS off of me, and i refuse to shell out dough for new until i shed a few more pounds! 🙂

  2. nope not crazy at all, I LOOOOVE your fashion posts, they inspire me to dress better. I need new summer clothes, so bad. So far the kids need them before me though, they have grown tons since last summer and barely have clothes to wear.

    HOORAY for the dress, I remember that story and the gorgeous dress. It is sooooo YOU!! Love the colors with it, just beautiful.

    The second outfit is cute and comfy I think, cute wedges!! I love that you always play with your hair. I’ve been telling everyone to buy me a wig, so tired and done with my hair!!

    Thanks for sharing, enjoy your week and the summer weather!!

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