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week 25 wrap up

7 more days have come and gone and i honestly am surprised i am still doing these updates.
i like the routine, i guess. knowing what to expect. something i can count on and control.
some days i feel like i don’t own my own life. like someone is always telling me what to do.
i don’t like that much. i’m a bit of a rebel and like to be the one who tells me what to do.
but i have to give in sometimes, and sometimes i make too much out of not a big deal.

sometimes i just need to relax and let life happen. i’m working on that. like this week, we have 2 evening functions that will take me away from the kids after i’ve been at work all day. knowing that’s ahead of me sucks. i know i will have fun, it’s not like i’m having my teeth pulled. but i tend to be very selfish with my time lately. i need to be flexible. i need to laugh more and be more open to change.

here’s to making that happen this week!

sunday | june 16:

father’s day at the in-laws means sand, ribs and goofing off.





in my bag: wallet, flip-flops, undies, swim shorts, towel and an ambulance. the only things we need for a day at grama’s backyard beach.

day 17: in my bag (wallet, flip flops, towel, trunks, and trains for a father's day at grama and grampa's house)




can you believe this? it’s a little baby praying mantis we found taking a walk on the table. that’s a tea light he’s on. super small little guy.


monday | june 17:

matt forgot his mic when he went to film tonight. we had to bring it to him, thirty minutes away, which granted us the opportunity to get chik-fil-a. yay!



tuesday | june 18:

#photoadayjune is something you don’t know about me. i smell marshall when he gives me snuggle-hugs. he smells amazing.

june 18: something you don't know about me (i like to smell marshall when he gives snuggle-hugs. he smells so yummy.) #photoaday #photoadayjune #camera+

homemade raspberry lemonade smoothie. raspberry lemonade yogurt, fresh frozen raspberries, fresh frozen strawberries and apple juice.

yummy raspberry lemonade smoothie (rasp-lemonade yogurt, frozen raspberries, frozen strawberries, apple juice) who needs jamba juice?

wednesday | june 19:

found some extra cherry tomatoes that fell out of their container last week. hey, at least i’d have food and water if i was stranded somewhere.


mama, i’m coming home.


marshall has been obsessed with finding shapes since he watched team umi zoomi and the shape bandit. so i gave him a shape scavenger hunt to keep busy. at first, he wanted me to check the shapes off when he found them but then, wanted to do it himself.

june 19: imperfect (it means he is learning and I love watching it. how he holds his pencil and asks me to help him do it right. his check marks may have been huge but he is perfect right now.) #photoadayjune #phonto

an evening trip to run errands and the shadows were long. yes, i still make him hold my hand when we walk in the parking lot. this kid’s a runner.


and my favorite photo ever taken is (among so many others) this shot i took of two little bots, helping to hold the brooklyn bridge together. i snapped this when we visited ny in the summer of 2009. that’s manhattan back there.

june 20: favorite photo I have ever taken (two little bolts just doing their job to hold it all together. taken on the Brooklyn Bridge looking into Manhattan.) #photoadayjune #photoaday #ny #brooklynbridge #manhattan

so much grey is happening on my head that i need a fix. and red’s my color.


this is the next day but here’s how it came out. 🙂

loving my new color!

while i’m letting the red goodness soak into my locks, me and marsh read stories about a dog named biscuit.


thursday | june 21:

the directv app on my phone freaking ROCKS! i set craft wars from work because i forgo tto set it last week. two thumbs way up!


we got to see our favorite local band tonight! yay for the dead flowers sound check! we were actually filming this show so we had “all access” passes and i got to say, “i’m with the band.” what’s cool though, is that we’re friensd with the band, not just groupies…makes it much more awesome! if you’re interested…check out their music…it’s awesome bluesy, stonsey rock. and all sales of their new album ONE MORE MILE goes to support foster kids. yep…every penny!



getting gibson and marsh from the in-laws.


found this on facebook and it’s just so true. at least it is with my friends!


friday | june 22:

heading back down the hill after taking gibson to class. i’ve got to pick up wrapping paper for a gift for our friend’s 50th birthday party tonight. so excited….kids aren’t coming with us. i have no pics from the party but i do have great memories!

june 22: from a high angle #photoadayjune #phonto

saturday | june 23:

finally feeling motivated to work on the laptop bag. lots of layers and seam rips later…i completed it. it will be up on the blog later this week!

oh boy, I hope this works.

shouldn’t have had in-n-out, but we did.


found this while reading my better homes and gardens mag on my iPad. what caught my eye was how the table is painted. STRIPES! i finally know what i’m going to do with my little white table and bench!!


sunday | june 24:

getting the morning started with some block building.


today’s #lunchis sun dried tomato turkey, avocado, spring greens, cheddar and honey mustard on wheat + a side of strawberries. yum to the max!

#lunchis sun dried tomato turkey, avocado, spring greens, cheddar and honey mustard on wheat + strawberries. summer yummers.

um, apparently my son likes to draw with his feet.


we ended the night with yummy blackened chicken tacos. then gib, matt and i watched falling skies after marsh hit the hay.

looking back on this week sure made me thankful for the little things we get to do. most days we stay home, we don’t vacation or socialize too terribly much. i think of my life as normal and my goal is to never be too busy. i think we’ve succeeded in that and when we do go out, it’s quality stuff. loving what we have and looking forward to the rest of our time together as a family.

what do you see when you look back at your week?


5 thoughts on “week 25 wrap up”

  1. Loving that red you used on your hair! Ever since I turned 42, I’m noticing more grey hairs popping up on the top of my head. I’ve very tempted to go to Walgreens this afternoon and get the same color you used. The husband could have a heart attack when he sees it but it’s only hair, right? And who wants a wife with boring old brown and grey hair?

  2. aaawww you are so sweet, love what you have written about spending your time with the family and not being too busy. that’s how I am, home is my fave place to be and I never get tired of it. I love the routine of everyday life, mostly the same things each day but when you go back over it like you did here, it’s all the little things that fill me up and make my heart happy. I’m so thankful that I take the time to take pictures and journal and put it all in my PL each week, knowing the kids will have these albums to look back on gives me peace of mind that their story is being told if I’m not here to tell them.
    Ok, now the pictures…. LOOOOOVE THE RED HAIR!!! That photo with the sun shining thru it is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Love that litle Marsh man, he’s so adorable and how the heck can Gibson cross his eyes so good, holy cow doesn’t that hurt, haha
    You always have yummy, fun food/drinks, love that about you !
    Hooray for dates out with hubby and NO KIDS, it’s been awhile for us, MUST DO THIS SOON!!!
    I think it’s great you still hold his hand, I did all of mine for a long time too and you can never be too careful in a parking lot. Hold his for as long as you can, he is the last one so ENJOY IT!!
    Thanks for making the time to share about your week, I love reading about them.
    Enjoy the week and this gorgeous SUMMER we are having.
    Come visit my blog soon if you can, lots of good stuff on it.

    1. Hey girlfriend! I know you’re a total homebody too! Some may call it boring but I call in comfortable and safe. 🙂 hehe! Yay, you like my hair! I feel so good and fun with my hair this color. Omg you should have seen the other pics of Gibson, he crossed his eyes like ten times in a row. He’s such a super ham! I’m going on your blog tonight for sure…only a few I make sure to still check out when I’m feeling this busy. You know you’re one. 🙂 So yea, get yourself a sitter and get out with your guy! Thanks for your always super awesome comments…you’ve been on my mind lately! Hugs back!

      Sent from my iPad

  3. hey fellow red head! I dyed my hair red for the summer! love it, not so much after a shower, but its still fun 🙂 looks like you had a fun week, I had in and out burger once, we dont have them here in florida. jealous 🙂 have a good week!

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