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running a mile in my shoes

i am not a runner.
i do not plan to become a runner.
but i want to run.
i want to run.
running feels good.
running does something wonderful to my body and soul.
so i will run.
i will run one mile a day.
maybe more, but never less.
i will run no matter what.
for at least thirty days.
i will run.
i will run a mile in my shoes.
and i will document it with a picture (of course) and share it on instagram.

where is all this coming from you may be asking yourself.
it’s simple.
two places, two different people and one goal.

first: elise. yes, elise again. i’ve been devouring her blog, what can i say, she’s kind of amazing.
i ran across this photo the other day.


holy cow, did she really run a mile a day and take a picture of her feet every time? cool.

stored it away in the ‘inspired’ category of my brain.

second: aimee. yep, aimee steckowski is an amazingly inspiring person to me, on many levels. full of grace and sweetness, i’m always drawn to her. thankfully we’re friends and i’m not some crazy stalker.

this morning as i was being lazy in bed, flipping through recent instagram posts, i saw this:


a sudden urge came over me. it was instant. i wanted to run. was it the pink shoes? the idea of some freedom and music? i have no clue but i was determined. and that picture of elise’s shoes came right back to the front…

and without me saying anything to anyone, marsh asked me if i wanted to walk up to the park with him. “oh my gosh, yes!”

we made a yummy breakfast. green egg scramble (eggs, deli meat, spinach and garlic + cheddar at the end.) + fruit smoothies and let that settle. once my music was on, phone was secure on my arm, one headphone was in place and endomondo was set on run, marshall and i high-tailed it up the road.

while he played on the play structure, i ran laps around him on the walkway. he even joined me for 10 laps!

i ran an entire mile!

inspired by @elisejoy to run a mile a day. here's to day 1. #runamileinmyshoes

my legs felt like jello by the time we got home and my heart was pounding but i felt amazing.

not exactly sure how or when i’m going to fit a mile into each day but i will find a way.

and in the spirit of marshall’s new found love of star wars…”there is no try, only do.” -yoda

what have you been inspired to do?
what will you commit to that you haven’t wanted to before?
will you join me in running (or walking) a mile a day? if you do, just post your shoes or your view on instagram with the hashtag #runamileinmyshoes. we’ll run together! follow me @retrohipmama

have a wonderful sunday and a great week!


7 thoughts on “running a mile in my shoes”

  1. WOW!! You are changing and growing so much lately my friend. LOVE THAT!!

    How awesome are those show pictures, I love doing that on my walks/runs sounds weird to others but NOT TO ME!!

    WAY TO GO!! WAY TO GO!! I can’t belive you ran a mile on your first try, haha it’s hard when you have to get back home, I remember those knees of jelly for me also.

    I should be out there walking too, will give it a try and might even do the picture thing on my instagram also,

    Good luck to you, remember to stretch and not overdue it. A day of rest is also best for the body, when somethign hurts or doesn’t feel right, STOP and wait till it’s better. I didn’t do that and my pulled muscle took weeks to feel good again.



    My dad always said LET THE FORCE BE WITH YOU, even after I’d have one of my kids that was what he’d say when leaving the hospital and he wrote it in our bday cards. SO FUNNY!!

  2. good for you! I vow to hit the gym at least 3 times a week! there I will do the treadmill and make my way up to walking/jogging and hour each time I am there!

    1. Yay for getting to the gym! I know how hard it I to commit to the time when all you wanna do is hang at home. Can’t wait to hear about how you feel after you’ve gone for a while. Keep it up girl!

      Andrea Gray [Sent from my iPhone]

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