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run a mile in my shoes | ENJOYing it

when i decided to start a small running goal (#runamileinmyshoes), i didn’t anticipate the results. i had never taken on this kind of challenge. okay, so not never. i’ve always said i want to enjoy working out, i just never really did. i’d get on the treadmill after work but i was never satisfied. i was bored and would find other things to do to avoid it the next day.

never did i think that running would
a) be positive,
b) change my body so quickly, or
c) turn out to be something i wanted to do.

within the first week i noticed a significant change in my body. i know you might be thinking ‘but you’re already so tiny’, but i’m really not. i’m 5 foot 3, and have been teetering between 127 and 132 pounds for the past few years. this is not my ideal weight. with a goal of maintaining at 123lbs, you’re probably rolling your eyes again. haha! but 7 pounds on a small frame like mine shows up. i can’t hide it from my mirror or my head and my clothes can only mask so much.

muscles are hurting in places i haven’t thought about in 10 years.
lines in my arms and legs are showing definition.
the overall ‘puffiness’ has been eliminated and i’m noticeably toner and tighter all over.
my second chin is nearly gone.
the baby fat that’s been sitting at the front of my belly for a decade is becoming flatter and flatter.

i’m freaking amazed that this is happening after only having clocked over 12 miles, having only ran for 11 days (not in a row).

i didn’t know i had this in me. no clue i could run up and down hills, setting new goals for myself…just a few more steps before you walk…just 2 more laps than yesterday…learning that i am capable and strong makes me feel like i finally have control over my own body.

my best girl texted this pic to me the other day and it’s exactly what i’m feeling right now….and i want to hang on to this idea.

my progress so far and in the future will continue to be posted on instagram from @retrohipmama and with the hashtag #runamileinmyshoes. honestly, the accountability and expectation not to fail keep me going as well. it helps when i get such good feedback from friends and followers. so thanks to everyone who has been supporting me, love you all!


on the treadmill for day 2 of #runamileinmyshoes


day 4 of #runamileinmyshoes | today was a walk to target withe boys at lunch. shopping counts as walking right?

day 5 of #runamileinmyshoes | a run up to the park. up and down shady trails. felt amazing.

day 6 of #runamileinmyshoes | okay so it's not actually running but bowling was fun!

day 7 of #runamileinmyshoes but I couldn't run...so I jumped on the trampoline and worked up a sweat.

day 8 of #runamileinmyshoes | the boy needed a duffle bag for camping and I needed to run. so...I ran to target...actually.

day 9 of #runamileinmyshoes | another mile. nothing special. shooting for 1.5 tomorrow!

day 10 of #runamileinmyshoes | totally hi-5ing myself for doing an extra lap and more than my mile-and-half goal! ✋

day 11 #runamileinmyshoes | surpassed 2 miles!!!! also since its my first day of my 13 day #staycation, I had no time constraints and ran in the morning before it got hit. felt amazing! now to prepare to get my marsh back in 2.5 hours!

at this point, i think i can even keep up the 2 miles a day but i don’t want to overextend myself or my time. just trying to keep it simple. not planning any marathons or joining a running group. this is certainly ME time. my music. my thoughts. my escape.

ENJOYing it makes me want to keep it up…so i’m off to run!

have a super day ENJOYing something that’s making a positive change in your life.


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