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goals: creative style

last month i began a little goal challenge.

so how did i do you might ask?

did i enjoy?
bike rides: not too many actually. once i started running, i haven’t been on the bike much.
fruits & veggies: YES! i have been making fruit smoothies regularly and i even made a veggie pizza that i’m in love with.
the treadmill: nope. just can’t seem to enjoy this. and i’m okay with that.
summer movies: we saw dark knight rises. that’s all this girl needs.
the busyness: it kinda felt good to not feel stressed.
work life: having all my big things done early made this summer so incredibly easy.
date nights: we had only one, but it was mexican food so i can’t complain.
making shop stuff: i had a ton of fun making new button rings and waited patiently for my ring bases to arrive. i haven’t finished them but maybe i will this month.
surrendering: i got a little sidetracked toward the end of july and haven’t finished a surrendered life yet. thankfully i can start back up anytime.
alone time: even though i had some, i had a hard time enjoying it. why is it that i beg for time away from the kids so i can do things but as soon as they’re gone, i don’t even know what to do with myself?

ENJOY july

this month i am taking another look at my goals. inspired by creativity.

i want to make more lists, keep a cleaner home, run, be happy, make memories, document them, be playful, have adventures, try new recipes and overall, be creative.

i’m looking for august to be amazing!


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