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week 33 wrap up

so we meet again!

it’s week 33…are you ready?

sunday | august 12:

today was take12 and instead of putting those pics here, i gave them their own post here. but i did take some other pics during the day.

gibson’s desk, ready for homework.

he’s not always a thumbs up guy.


monday | august 13:

first day of school
his little nametag.




and so they go... #firstdayofschool #middleschool #jr.k

brotherly love.


 first day was a success. thumbs up.


my outfit rocked too…sorry it’s blurry.


a trip to tilly’s and what does he buy with his gift cards? shades. he is so cool!


love when the sun shines right on through the clouds.


okay, it’s only 3o seconds so take a few and watch gibson and his beatbox skills. he’s getting so much better.

and marshall wants to be just like his big bro. shades, hat, and all.

tuesday | august 14:

posted on facebook:

I started my day with Marshall telling me that he loves me, just the way I am. AWESOME!
Then made an awesome mango/strawberry/orange smoothie. YUMMY!
Theeeeen I heard Bust-A-Move on my way into the office.
Yup. Today is gonna rock!

and then there’s these guys. tawnya brought them in and i started eating them before 10am.

wednesday | august 15:

since i couldn’t get the turquoise and pink running shoes that i originally had my eyes on, i decided to add my own flair. i think they make me run faster. ran my fastest mile today. 15 minutes exactly! my goal was to be under 15 but maybe next time.

these rad laces make me run faster. did my fastest mile so far: 15:00 on the dot! #runamileinmyshoes

thursday | august 16:

got this text from matt as he and marsh walked to school. he cracks me up.


occupational hazard: ink stains and paper cuts. oh office life.


today was a major junk food day. matt brought us jamba juice and these pita chips AND a big bag of peanut m&ms. then tawnya and i went to panera for lunch and added cookies and an entire loaf of cinnamon raisin bread to our order. yikes!


working on a craft project and marsh wanted to spell words with the leftover scrabble tiles.



friday | august 17:

these arrived for me today, from hubby! pretty little thangs!


hubby took me to a nice restaurant for dinner before we saw the expendables 2. first, this is a cherry limetini and it lives up to that name. sweet, but soooo yummy! second, the expendables 2 certainly isn’t going to win best screenplay, but the blood and guts this time around were outstanding! yay for explosions!


saturday | august 18:

woke up feeling pretty sick today. it’s just a cold bug but man alive it knocked me out. slept in until almost 8…..then ate 2 bowls of this:

then fell asleep while snuggling with marshall on the recliner. had to cancel plans with some friends which i was super bummed about.

but i had an appt. to get my hair cut and i was feeling good enough to do that. but took another nap while marshall napped because i just couldn’t sit awake and work on project life.

today was rough, but i ran across this on facebook and it made me laugh out loud. poor wolverine, you are my favorite and so misunderstood!


hope you had a good week too! capture something great, eh?


1 thought on “week 33 wrap up”

  1. uhm. wowza. busy busy lady.. and everyday you make me wish we had a trader joe’s here.. i swear! i LOOOVE your shoes.. i think you posted them before? target find? so cute! 🙂

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