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flashback friday: fashion flashback + fashion forward

woohoo, it’s friday! which means it’s also FLASHBACK FRIDAY! i love stepping back in time, whether 2 days ago, 2 decades ago or just one year ago.

today, we’re going back a year.
one year ago, i was in the middle of a fashion challenge with frecklesinapril. 21 days of different styles like mixing patterns, tucking it in and color blocking. that challenge certainly taught me so much about what i CAN wear…..aaaaand that some things just don’t work.

since the challenge ended, i still continue to post outfits that i love in hopes of inspiring people to shop in their own closets and try new things.

here’s where the big news comes in y’all……..

…………….you ready for it?

i have officially joined the fancy little things team as their new fashion and beauty author! i’m still kinda shaking about it! kinda freaking A W E S O M E, right?

when aimee posted on facebook that they were looking for a fashion author, i raced to shoot an email out to her. little did i know that she had already had her eye on me. we’re gonna make a great team and i’m also excited to get to know all my new fancy little friends.

my goal is to inspire and encourage women to look and feel their best. for themselves, for their husbands and for god. we will talk about modesty in fashion, using what you have, and playing with style. it’s gonna be a trip! and maybe we’ll get a linky party going sometime in the future. 😉

i am so honored to be a part of this genuinely uplifting community of ladies, and i think you will love the other authors too! at FLT, we blog about faith, diy projects, books, marriage and house stuff.

look for my posts on mondays….the perfect way to start your week!

so in honor of fashion and busting into your closet…i present you with a post from this time last year.

enjoy your friday and i hope to see you in something cute!



hey folks and happy monday!

hope you weren’t too bummed with no fashion posts from me this weekend…yeah i kinda barely get dressed on the weekends so i didn’t participate in day s 6 (unconventional) or 7 (layered accessories). sorta glad cause i probably woulda sucked at both of them.

aaaaany-hoo…i’m back on the wagon and am feeling GOOD about today’s challenge and actually this whole week really!

today we’re mixing fancy and casual. not something i typically do. fancy requires all things fancy and casual…well…you know…i have NEVER worn a necklace with a plain tee although i see gals that do and i go…”why the heck don’t i do that?”

so today i’m doing it…stepping out of yet another box and loving it!

casual: plain black tank, jeans, star studded belt, chucks
fancy: shrug, necklace (made by me), side ponytail, fabric button ring (also made by me), pink bracelet

4 thoughts on “flashback friday: fashion flashback + fashion forward”

  1. I’m so HAPPY AND EXCITED FOR YOU!! I think it’s perfect and will be so much fun for you and others reading it!! So much can be learned by your style, magic closet, mixing things up and MUCH MORE!! Looking forward to Monday’s !!! HUGS!

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