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week 34 wrap up

week 34, brought to you by the following:

a thumbs up text on monday morning.

a reminder that my gram’s birthday would be coming up soon.Untitled

this yummy color palette. blue/pink/green has always been a fave.Untitled

a bright shining sun.

a runner’s water bottle. yay!!!Untitled

this hilarious relationship.Untitled

divine strawberry cheesecake.

the upper console of the truck NOT actually being a creepy robot, but just looking like one.Untitled

marshall being well-behaved at the hoe-down and sticking with madeline the whole time.Untitled

for the time to sit down and enjoy some thinking about the now.Untitled

amazing veggie pizza, iced sun tea and football.#lunchis leftover homemade veggie pizza (evoo + garlic on dough, topped with moz and parm, tomatoes, zuke, artichoke hearts and spinach) + sun tea + football. #happysaturday

finding these old school pics of the gibber. this was preschool.Untitled

a sick kid who wasn’t toooooo sick, but just enough that he only wanted to snuggle and watch tv in my bed.

a different perspective on what jazz music means to me. this book takes place in 1912 and the references about pop culture at that time are so funny. jazz, to me, is some of the most conservative and non-threatening music ever made.Untitled

the energy to play tennis at 7:30 on a sunday morning.Untitled

time with the hubster.Untitled

a calendar update for the last week of august through the beginning of november and a behind the music on fleetwood mac.

the habit.
It called shotgun. #habitburger

that is all. the end. =)


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