what i wore — retrohipmama style is back

hi guys! i know you’ve been getting a lot more photog posts from me lately and less of the crafty and style posts. you know how sometimes we go through phases in life, well….my bloggy life is going through a phase for sure. i thought i would have been back into more craftiness by now but honestly, it’s just not in me. and i’m okay with that.

still scrapping, for sure…and stitching some fun embroidery projects that i can’t seem to finish. hate when that happens.

and now that i’m the official helloSTYLE author at fancy little things, fashion is definitely on my mind more these days. anything i wear could potentially be a fashion challenge or post in the making so i’m dressing more intentionally.

but not everything can fit into the helloSTYLE box, so i’m going to showcase those outfits here and more often. and hopefully i can keep on inspiring you guys to shop in your own closets and take your fashion sense to a new level.

for a client meeting last friday, i wore this:

polka dot sweater: old navy (currently available)
black skinny jeans: old navy (rockstar collection)
black flats: payless shoes
pink pendant necklace: i converted it from an earring to a necklace 🙂
pink bracelet: no clue where i got it, i’ve had it for so long but they are still in style and i picked up some other colors recently


this sweater has quickly become a favorite of mine. the polka dots are T H E   B E S T feature of course but the material is super soft but not terribly warm or heavy. i wore it on a fairly warm day and it was perfect for being inside with the a/c. the fit is perfect for me. i ended up having to get a small size from the tall section of old navy’s website since the mediums were all gone from the regular section. it ends up being slightly long and i really like that fit and where it falls on my hips.

i’ve been wearing my hear up in these faux victory rolls a lot lately. it’s a nice alternative to the half-up and the all down looks that dominate my style. keeping the hair out of my face is always a bonus too.

my nails got a funky treatment this week too! i painted my thumb, pointer and pinky all hot pink (pink flame, by petites) . painted the middle one silver (celeb city, by sally hansen) and the ring finger black (black, by n.y.c.). the placed two strips of nailed it! chevron decals by made by munchie’s mama over the black. cute huh? 

a simple make-up routine of liquid eyeliner and mascara + a light pink gloss keeps the focus on the sweater.

this next outfit was worn on a completely different day but the look changes with just the change of a top + accessories. i was wearing the same black skinnies and black flats. same hair style, same makeup, same earrings. but with this top from walmart for under $10 and i go from a 50’s look to an 80’s vibe, without looking like madonna.Untitled


i fell in love the the open back on this top as well as the floppy fit and the large cuffs on the arms.

toss on some cool bangles that i found at michael’s and it goes to rockstar status!

so even though i advocate shopping in your own closet, there is nothing wrong with a little retail shopping when you find something you like. i can wear the polka dot sweater with black leggings, or yellow accessories or under a blazer with jeans, i mean really, the possibilities are endless. and that’s the best kind of item to spend your money on. one that can be worn with many things you already own.

happy dressing!


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