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flashback friday: things ain’t like they used to be

taking a step back in time today…just a quick stroll down a road that some of us never walked on, but only dreamed of.

can you imagine applying your mascara with a brush like this? thankfully there’s an instruction manual because i wouldn’t even know where to start!

Vintage. Before there was “automatic” (i.e. tube) mascara, there was cake mascara. My mother would spit on the brush, and then rub the brush across the mascara...used until it was gone years later.


back then, nurses wore fitted dresses and caps. today, it’s baggy scrubs and crocs. i’ll take the fitted dress, please.

1960 - when nurses looked like nurses ~ starched white cap and professional white uniforms.  Can't imagine the hard, long days, then home to wash and starch and iron, as well as polish the shoes.


there is something magical about an old gas pump. is it the idea of the open road? is it the wonder of all the mechanics inside of it that make the numbers roll and rotate? whatever it is, i get all worm inside…and now you think i’m officially weird.

vintage gas pump


us women are not the only trendy dressers. check out this illustration of men’s fashion fashion from the 1900’s. i would love to see it updated with the 90’s, 00’s and now. my faves are the 20’s, 50’s and 60’s. but are we really surprised about that?

fashion men


again, with the gas stations? i know, i told you…soft spot. the arrows going around, the fonts, the rounded corners, the rust. i love it all.


happy friday (of 2012), just in case you got stuck in the past.


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