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oh fall…i’m falling in love with you


“i’m a summer girl!” “i would love to live in arizona.” “the heat is my friend!” said by me more than 6 years ago.

“i can’t wait for the summer sun.”

{enter year 27 when baby number 2 was born. born in october and literally during the OAK /SD game i forced the nursing staff to keep on the tv while i pushed.

that’s when i fell in love with fall.


what is it about this time of year? is it that naturally, we as earthlings in the northern hemisphere, are just trained to expect cooler weather and earlier nights? or as humans and americans who move forward faster than ever, are never satisfied with what is and are constantly seeking out what we don’t have?

regardless, i’m looking forward to fall. and clearly, so is everyone else, evident by the halloween crafts and apple cupcakes flooding my pinterest feed.

it’s still in the 90’s here, but the mornings are cool and the evenings are darker earlier. sometimes we have some cloud cover which gives the illusion that summer is fading away.


i will miss you summer. i really will. but i will not miss your gifts of sweat, ants and soccer craziness at my running park.

fall is near and the mini pumpkin pies, leggings + boots are in my future. so hurry up already!


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