browsing blogs, looking for project life inspiration and ran across this wonderful site. not only is her project life approach simple and clean, it’s inspiring. scrolling around, i stumbled upon her category called hello monday. i really like the idea of starting monday with a warm welcome. not because i need to but because i have nothing against mondays. to me, they are a fresh start.

a day to start new checklists at work.
a day to reboot my running plans.
a day to decide to eat better after a weekend that gets out of control.
a day to regroup as a family and work towards the weekend.

i’m afraid though, that i will get excited about helloMONDAY, be diligent for a few weeks, and then crap out because of any number of unforeseen circumstances. so we’ll have to see.

but until then, let’s enjoy this ride.


hello time change // so happy that it’s no longer pitch black when i leave for work.

hello clean house // there is nothing that compares to a clean house. what it does for how the week goes. how it makes me feel like i can move around in here.

hello football // for some reason, i have a few fantasy football players in tonight’s game so i’m excited to close out another week with a W.

hello completed laundry // this makes two weeks in a row of getting all the laundry put away. like with a clean house, it just makes the house run smoother.

hello house rules // thinking about church from saturday night and wanting to hand-draw the house rules on the side of our pantry.

hello fancy little things // it’s a new month and a new theme over at my second bloggy home. molded by god. it sure has me thinking. thinking about what i am, what i want to be and what god is leading me to be.

if you need to see mondays differently or just need a boost, try making your own list! and here’s to NOT having a case of the mondays.


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