thankful, weekly wrap up

week 46 + 47 wrap up

hi again! i’ve been on a little break but am glad to be back!

we’ve still been rockin’ it family style…

tuesday | november 13:

a gorgeous sunset run.

Untitled Untitled

thursday | november 15:

hello, my name is marshall and this is my wake-up face.


it’s a cold morning. yes, this is cold. don’t judge me, this is nor-cal.


i love a sky that’s littered with tiny little clouds so the sun can barely get through.

i took the boys for a run to the park after work and ended up doing a lot more rolling around in the grass than running.

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled


they were even in the mood for some silly pics when we got home. i’m thinking these are all christmas card worthy.

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

friday | november 16:

today was a very special day. prepare yourself for twilight overload. but before that happens, here’s how my friday off went:

8:10a // gibson agreed to come with me to take marshall to school. normally he just walks straight up to his school but i asked him to come with us and he obliged. you see, this is his old school and he doesn’t really like coming around. but he did think it was cool that he ran into his 4th/5th grade teacher.


then marshall was just his cute normal self as we waited in line.Untitled Untitled

8:20a // once the children are where they need to be, it was time to pick up tawnya and start our twi-life day!

8:50a // starbucks is the perfect place to start. and a salted caramel hot chocolate is the perfect way to warm up on a sprinkly morning. we all met here before heading up the hill to the theater.


9:45a // these are all (except one) of us. one of our lovlies couldn’t swing the day off and we missed her terribly. and some girls were cutting in front of us while another twi-fan took our picture so regina was giving them her the stink eye. we still got perfect seats!


10:00a // sitting next to my nest girl as we take up almost an entire row.


10:30a // squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllll! it’s starting. and ending all at the same time.


the volturi are coming!






even though there were many times during the movie that i wept like a baby, this scene sent me over the edge. it’s been so long since i read the book that i forgot about the ending. her showing him her thoughts was an emotional joyride that i didn’t want to end.


and a happy ending never hurt nobody!


forever. that is all.

Part 2. Forever. That is all. #twilight #breakingdawnpart2

ohmigood-ness. that just happened. it’s over. there will never be another release of a new twilight movie. this is where it ends. our girls days of playing hooky are done. so we’re making the most of it.

1:00p // lunch! at a cool new place called Sellands.

it’s a cafe style, home-style restaurant with gorgeous chalkboard menus and amazingly awesome ceilings. yes, i do judge a place by their ceilings.

Untitled Untitled

and their chairs are super cute.


i just love these ladies!


the rain held off for a little bit, but the clouds gave us quite a show.


came home to marshall’s progress report and was pleased, of course! i have a feeling, school won’t be a challenge for him.


tonight is my last night on the grid. i’m taking 5 days off from social media and it starts tomorrow. read more about it here, if you’re interested.

saturday | november 17:

starting off today with clean flannel sheets for marshall’s bed. it’s getting chilly around these parts. to keep busy and not being tempted to check in online, i filled my morning with making fresh granola, dishes, more food prep and a nap.


sunday | november 18:

after football and lots of cleaning and laundry and dusting, i decided we needed a movie night. neither marsh or i had seen the third installment and had it recorded on the dvr. we made popcorn and hot chocolate and i cried like crazy at the end. geeez, why do these movies have to be so emotional. this series has meant a lot to me over the years and i’m glad to be sharing it with the boys.


monday | november 19:

oh, by the way, i snagged a super cool pair of brown boots at target yesterday. $35!!!


tuesday | november 20:

a quick trip to walmart and i spotted these. {{whispering}} hint hint to my hubby who reads my blog… these are on my christmas list. aren’t they cute? i especially like the skulls, stars and all the studs.  i could do without the peace signs, butterflies and flowers, but otherwise, love them!


wednesday | november 21:

okay so today is the last day of our work week and tawnya and i were going stir-crazy in the office. we needed a break and michael’s provided that for us. we stocked up on all kinds of crafty things so we could get our houses all christmassy over the holiday break. this little moose is on my later list. can’t decide if i want to try to make him or spend the $5 to buy him. he’s not on sale, so i didn’t grab him yet. he is cute though and i’m saving a place for him on the tree.


this is so true. so i texted it to matt.


the night before thanksgiving and charlie brown is on. a perfect night. marshall picked up on the “good grief” and is now working that into his everyday vocab.


thursday | november 22:

marshall and his cousin caleb are serious play buds. it was nice to see them taking a little break from the guns, robots and star wars noises. i love how they are together.


getting the food ready, thankful to matt’s sister and hubby for hosting. always good food. always good chats. and always poker for the boys while us gals gab and look through black friday ads. i didn’t brave it with them this year though, maybe next year.


just me and some handsome dude.


gibson trying our sparkling apple cider. he liked it, he really liked it.


grampa asked marshall what he was thankful for. “i’m fankful for god. and my toys. and all of my fings that i have. and my mommy and daddy and my gibson. and ALL of the fings that we have that god gave us.” oh goodness, made my heart melt. oh, and we’re practicing his “th” words.


friday | november 23:

we made our own turkey dinner today because #1, we like to make thanksgiving dinner and #2, we like leftovers and homemade turkey soup. our small menu included herb roasted turkey (from an old martha stewart recipe that i used when i made my very first turkey a decade ago.)  i modified it a bit over the years. i dump sage, thyme, rosemary, corriander, garlic salt and pepper into melted butter and mix well. i chill the mixture until it’s more of a paste. then i spread it all over the bird and cover it with a couple layers of oil drenched cheesecloth. i tell ya, it keeps the herbs all on the skin, keeps it moist and browns it all at the same time. i also baste just once an hour to keep the moisture in the oven.

also on the table is corn, stove-top stuffing (because it’s good and easy and i’m the only one who eats it), garlic-rosemary smashed red potatoes and gravy made from the turkey drippings. oh my heavenly goodness.


gibson always wants the leg.


later that night, we cleared, rearranged and made room for the tree. thankful that after so many years, the pre-lit tree my parents gave us when they started travelling still lights up faithfully.

the tree is up. and it's kinda like heaven, especially when i'm eating pumpkin pie.  #lights

the house is officially decked now. come back in a couple days to see how i transformed our family room into a woodsy christmas retreat.

so what the heck have you been up to? do you decorate right after thanksgiving too? or maybe wait until december 1st? do you make turkey or let someone else do the cooking?

see ya next week!

2 thoughts on “week 46 + 47 wrap up”

  1. hello sunshine girl!! LOVED seeing all these pictures, esp. the CUTE boys!! My hubby and I cried like babies during Toy Story 3, holy cow was it so good and why do that make us cry. The kids thought we were crazy, saw it at the theater a long time ago. They liked it too but just didn’t move them like it did us. That was a classic for my oldest daughter, we are hoping to watch #3 when she’s home this Christmas. So glad you cried too, makes me feel better. lol

    That picture of you and Matt is so sweet, so glad you got one of him and you.

    Love the new boots!! Love Marshall’s wake up face, too cute. Gibson looks so tall in the park picture and walking to school.

    So proud of you for doing 5 days with no techie gadgets, AWESOME!


    We cook are own turkey lunch because we LOOOOOVE it tooooo much and have to have LOTS of leftovers. I ate so much today and am sad it’s almost gone. We also went to the ZOO since it’s free day. Then over to my moms to stuff ourselves again with more turkey and fixings.

    We put up our tree at different times each year, depends on our scheudle and with me having the babies over and they play in the same room as the tree. For me it’s just easier to wait till right before Christmas but the kids start bugging me a few days into December. We usually take it down Jan. 1st or 2nd at the latest.

    So happy to see your pictures today, have a good week back to work and school!

    1. hey dawn! gibson totally cried at the end of 3 also. it was so cute! it got us talking about all the movies we’ve cried at together. where the wild things are and up. for sure!
      my christmas pics are posting on wednesday…woohoo!

      i’ll go get that moose and you go get your tree put up so the kids don’t bug you! LOL!


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