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family room update // winter 2013 // part one

it was time to do away with the woodsy winter and bring some bright color back into the room. so of course it was red + turquoise. 

and of course it’s cuter with my little marshall in the shot.P1010889

oh hey…what’s that there? is that a new nail + string art project? why yes it is. i’ve got a new blog post about it tomorrow so come back and check it out.P1010893


my coke bottles are good for so much!P1010897

and since i was in the organizational mood all weekend, i tackled this little monster as well. something about this space just never works. it’s meant to be a space for me to corral all the papers the boys bring home, have some office-y type things handy and provide some inspiration for creativity. but it always becomes a catch-all for stuff that ends up on the family room floor and i just can’t keep it clean.

i’m hoping that what i’ve done will help me keep it clean and tidy (and keep to-do items in view so i don’t forget about school activities and deadlines.

here is the 3/4 of the closet that i utilize. the left 1/4 does hang jackets and houses a large bin of my bags and purses.

the curtain allows easy coverup and a clean and crisp addition when it’s closed.


i installed the ikea shelves last year when i really upgraded the space but i had them loaded with things that i couldn’t get to easily and i was afraid of the weight capacity since these are a floating shelf setup.

to help with stability, i added a thin piece of wood on the desk and placed my magazine file on it and it fit snug under the small shelf on the right, which has a small mason jar on top of it, helping to secure the larger shelf.

the cookie sheet turned magnet board got moved from near the front door (like 3 feet away from this closet) in here so i can keep important reminders at eye level. the file keeper was hung up on the wall, right under the shelf which left it hard to see when standing and kinda tough to get things in and out of. i thought it would be good on the wall to save desk space but if it’s not working, it needs to change. so it’s down on the desk.


some items that were on the shelf got moved up to the very top shelf. items that are pretty but that i don’t need to get to and can be out of the way to make room for the more pressing stuff.


i love inspiration boards and this is as close as i got with the space i have. there’s a women’s retreat from church that i put up, a couple of cool cards from a coca-cola deck that i found (while i cleaned and organized our game closet also this weekend), the current series we’re talking about at church, a favorite fabric swatch, a craft paper star and a little canvas that reminds me to remember the important things, and a heart that marshall made.




here are just a few more details…P1010912




i keep my embroidery box, kit and current projects in my monogram tote.P1010919

my next dream for the family room is to move the tall bookshelves we’ve used in the garage to store our dvds, books and some cds into this room. i would love to find an old short dresser, paint it turquoise, put in under the main shelf, put the tv and components on it and anchor it with the two bookshelves. but finding a piece will be the hard part. i think i’ll make my rounds to the thrift stores this weekend to have a look around.

my dream may be a long shot but can be doable with a little effort and some strong hubby persuasion. (he doesn’t always agree with my whimsical ideas at first.) 🙂 cross your fingers for me!


5 thoughts on “family room update // winter 2013 // part one”

  1. oooohhhh really love this cute space you have. I’ve always loved closets turned into craft/office space, so much more fun that way. Great colors and little bits of love and inspiration in here. I need to redo my scrap space, it’s one small wall in our family room.
    The nail art is so cool, can’t wait to see more on it.

    Good luck thrift shopping, fingers crossed Matt goes along with it.

    1. thanks girl! i had fun redoing the closet desk. it needs some tlc every now and then. my big craft space in the garage is a whole other story. i’m waiting for my mom to come home and help me tackle that craziness! 🙂

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