hello workweek // i will attempt to enjoy you but i had such a fun project-life-filled weekend that it might be hard to get the lazies out of my system.

hello bible study // but not for me, for gibson. he loves his guys group at church and i’m so happy he loves it.

hello style posts // this week i’ll be posting a fun spring outfit here and more fun spring threads at fancy little things. be sure to check back during the week.

hello to no excuses // with all of our proteins cooked and prepped and a plethora of good veggies and fruits to eat, there will be no reason for me to not eat well this week.

hello guitar lessons // yes, this week i will finally sign gibson up for lessons. i have set a reminder in my phone so that the week doesn’t get away from me.

hello again evening runs // i managed to run 3 times last week plus a sunday morning mile walk with matt. my body is ready to run again this week and again, t will have no excuses.

hello dr. seuss week // what school isn’t doing something to celebrate the great dr. seuss? marsh will be dressed up and ready to sew joe crow’s nose to sue’s rose. lol

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