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listening to: old indie rock from the mid 2000’s. lots of hot hot heat, queeens of the stone age, modest mouse and the fratellis. also old school r&b like hall & oates, steve winwood, the isley brothers, commodores, george michael and prince. the new warmer temps prompted a sounds of summer playlist too. all of these new spotify playlists are linked here and i can’t get enough!

watching: idol with gibson. i wasn’t going to watch but ended up getting sucked in, as i do every year. i just like the music, i can’t help it. the bible is a new mini-series on the history channel that we’re excited to start. still loving new-girl and our other sit-coms!

playing: just dance 4 on the wii, with the boys of course. i mean, pppfff, you won’t find me just dancing to jailhouse rock all by myself…oh no. not me. never. (can you sense my sarcasm? good. ’cause i freaking love dancing.) marshall has also discovered the game guess who? so we’re playing that too.

looking forward to: spring. my parents coming home. so you think you can dance. hammock time. another karaoke night with my girls. a family day sometime in march.

eating: peanut butter balls. i can’t get enough, but i keep it to only 2 at a time because even though they look like “better than junk food”, they still have a lot of fattening things in them. they’re still a yummy treat!

drinking: mango iced tea. ice water. nothing else really does it for me like tea and water.

wearing: flip-flops. finally. although short-lived, i’m taking advantage while i can. jamberry nail wraps. the nail art possibilities are endless. my hair down. now that my lovely stylist eliminated my gray hair for approximately 6 weeks, i don’t have to cover up my roots.

working on: the family room updates. keeping my closet desk tidy and organized. making a new logo and biz cards for gff. getting licensed. project life.

avoiding: sugar. well, cookies, brownies and chocolate specifically. i’m struggling. lord give me strength!

noticing: the boys and their current girl obsessions. these kids are 5 and 11. wth? marshall is crushing on a girl in his jr. k class who is equally as infatuated. gibson’s got a friend who is a girl who he says is “cute + awesome” because she hangs out with him and isn’t all “girlie + weird”. smh.

app-loving: picsplaypro has so many filters and tons of editing options that it’s my go-to photo editor now. cuptakes updates their gallery of girlie wallpapers each month and the app is only $.99! 

reading: almost done with the chaperone by laura moriarty. i’ve only been reading it for like 6 months. going to start the grapes of wrath next or a book about the real downton abbey. cannot wait!

hating: any and all errands that involve public stores. society has become so rude that i can barely stand going out anymore.

loving: some of the struggles gibson has to endure in middle school. i know we all have to go through different situations to come out stronger on the other side, but i hate seeing him hurt. i just know that every situation he brings home can be turned into a teachable moment.

and that’s it folks…that’s me lately.

what have you been ______ lately?

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1 thought on “drea lately”

  1. totally laughing about the girl obsession. Seriously. Field trip last week – 3 Kindergarteners in the back (2 boys, one girl). The two boys are discussing who is going to marry who this week (there are only 3 girls in the class, and about 12 boys). hahaha!!!!!!
    Society – I completely agree. I was pushing my shopping cart down an aisle and a man SAW me coming – stopped his cart right in front of me, looked at me, and then he proceeded to look at whatever he was looking at. I couldn’t believe it. I said excuse me and went on my way. shocked.
    middle school stuggles – yep and yep. why is middle school so hard?????

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