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5 things // my favorite frontmen

how about a list for this friday, huh?


because music is buried deep in my soul, there are just a few bands and music styles that i enjoy. haha, could you sense the sarcasm there? just a few means like thousands.
seriously, i love music.
not creating it, just enjoying it and sharing it. i only listen to about 10 hours of music a day. too much? 🙂

since writing this post about the music of my life, i’ve been itchin’ for another reason to talk about the sounds i love. soooooo, i made a few lists.

here’s the first one, my list of the top 5 frontmen (and girl) of all time: enjoy!

one // elvis presley

two // dave grohl of foo fighters

three // freddie mercury of queen

four // gwen stefani of no doubt

five // axl rose of guns ‘n’ roses

there are others, of course. like huey lewis, robert plant, jon bon jovi, tom petty, billy joe armstrong, brandon flowers, paul mccartney and darius rucker. but hey, this is my list and there’s only 5 spots.

happy friday and rock on!

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