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retrohipmama style // anchors + cherries


i just love being a girl. i mean, childbirth and cramps aside, we get to wear dresses! how cool is that?

very cool i say, especially when i spotted this little number at target last week.

it’s been hanging on my wall, not my closet, so i could stare at it when i walked into my room. the muted mint soothed me. the little polka dots and anchors transformed me to a vintage world. the capped sleeves…oh the capped sleeves!

if you like it too, target’s got some amazing dresses out right now. while you’re picking up shampoo and light bulbs, cruise on by the girly section…you can’t miss the cuteness.

anchors away

dress: target
leggings: walmart
flats: payless (5 years ago)
bangles: michaels

P3261365P3261365P3261365P3261365 copy

didn’t even realize it had pockets until i put it on….swoon!


it wasn’t super warm so i threw on some black leggings and called it an outfit.


this is my didn’t-do-anything-with-my-hair-but-it-kinda-works face.


sooooo marshall asked if he could take my picture and of course i obliged, why not.


he actually took this one too, just like i asked him to, to show how i added some bangles for fun.


something happens to me when i’m in a dress. does it happen to you too? not sure how to explain it, but it’s kinda magical.

cherries + chucks = confidence

cherry coke top: kohl’s (bought it in 2011, so i’m pretty sure it’s not available any longer)
red pants: kohl’s
gray chucks:
sunnies: tilly’s

i hadn’t thought to put this top with these pants until now. i love when things just happen. i also didn’t plan to wear chucks with this either, but when i eyed them and they eyed me back, i couldn’t resist.


so i played it up and wore gibson’s glasses again. because i like to have fun!


and i like to check my phone. lol.


honestly, the side of my house is a large white wall and when i take pictures out here, the sun is shining on said wall which gives me great reflective and indirect lighting, but also is suuuuuper bright. so even just pulling down the shades a bit was like staring right into the sun. but i play it off well huh?


this makes me happy and comfortable. and that’s how i like to dress. that is where confidence comes from. just being comfortable in your own shoes.



go put on a dress and twirl, or take a walk in those comfy shoes that make you feel like you. be confident and love it.

andrea_signature copy

6 thoughts on “retrohipmama style // anchors + cherries”

  1. YES!!!!! Ok, these are the cutest outfits ever. I vow to try to dress more ‘cute’ and get out of my lounge-wear – which you will find me wearing half the time as I sit in front of the computer for a good amount of my day. And – way to rock the reflective wall – yes! lighting is PERFECT! And Marshal did a great job with his photo taking skills…. 🙂

    1. thanks jana! i’m glad you approve of the lighting….it is perfect until my parents park their rv there again. i’m gonna have to find a new “portrait studio” 🙂
      i hope to see you rocking some cute threads soon!

  2. LOOOOOOOVE THIS!!!! WOW, you are rockin the outfits girlfriend! I love how sweet you look in your dress and then HOT in the next outfit!! I love all the looks you can pull off! The 4th one down in your Coke shirt is my favorite although you look amazing in them all. WOW, that Marshall is good, tell him for me.
    Great lighting in your yard too, how awesome is that!

    Oh and I do know what you mean about putting on a dress, feels that way for me too. It’s so femnine to wear them and feel like a girl in one. I plan on wearing one this Sunday to church, nothing as cute as yours but still nice to have one on. Hoping the weather won’t be too cold, ha!

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful self with us, always fun to see what your wearing!

  3. totally coveting those red pants! You are rocking those. I may have to make a trip to Kohl’s soon. Thanks so much for sharing your sunshine with us! I feel warmer just looking at your photos 🙂

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