hello april // holy cow another month has come and gone. april is here. spring is in full swing. life looks different and less gloomy. the sun shines and the days stretch on. i love this. i absolutely love this.

hello day off // took an extra day off of work to spend some family time together for the boys’ last day of spring break. hoping to get out and about for some fun.

hello mom + dad // insert super cheesy smile here. my parents are home and we get to see them on tuesday! 5 months is way too long for them to be gone!

hello back to school // school starts up again on tuesday. i’m sure they will both be grateful for a short week after so many days off.

hello spring showers // the forecast shows rain on and off for the whole week so we’ll have to prepare for a bit less sun that we’ve seen lately.

hello anticipation // we’re about 99% sure we’ll be moving and we find out for sure this week. the landlord of our potential rental is wonderful and said he felt very comfortable renting to us. we were personally recommended by our good friends who currently live there and are buying their first home. if he makes his decision in our favor we will start moving in the second or third week of april. more on the house and deets later if we do get it! eeeeekkkkkk! oh, and the best part? i will finally have room for my gram’s piano in the family room. 🙂

hello purging // regardless of the potential move, both matt and i vowed to purge a ton of the crap we’ve been storing and moving around for the last decade. i’ve already eliminated closets full of stuff and have an enormous garage sale pile. this way, if we do move this month, we’ll be lightening our load from the start.

hello week // you’re gonna be a tough one. lots of waiting and praying for the house. big hugs when my parents come over. more tossing and organizing. our lives could change this week. a new beginning could be on the horizon. a fresh start. a clean slate. everything we need, lord willing.

have a great week and don’t forget to say hello to some of the things you’re looking forward to this week.

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6 thoughts on “helloMONDAY”

  1. Hmmm…..hello last day of school before it starts again tomorrow. Hello beach, where we made an hour drive to today to down up some rays. Hello tomorrow, who I am NOT looking forward too because I hate getting up early! 🙂

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