hello jury duty // ya know, i believe in one’s civic duties, but i really don’t want to go into town and sit in a courtroom. thankfully i don’t have to report first thing in the morning, but i am on standby for the afternoon. i hope i am not called in. honestly, ain’t nobody got time for that.

hello end of school fun // well, not fun for me, but fun for the boys. pool parties and end of year festivities. i can’t believe there’s only 2 weeks of school left. summer’s-a-coming!

hello sunburn // even tho i applied sunblock at the game yesterday, the sun gets through any way it can. owch.

hello 3-day weekend // memorial day weekend is coming up and i have house stuff planned. curtains will be sewn. chairs will be recovered. craftiness will ensue.

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2 thoughts on “helloMONDAY”

  1. Happy Monday to you!! I love seeing these from you, last week’s was sooooo funny. Hope you will do more of them! OUCH to sunburn, hate when that happens even when you use sunblock, so not fair. We are excited to have 3 days off too and last two weeks of school. WOW, did this year go by fast. I’ve been lazy and reading and sitting outside each day,just enjoying the peace and quiet of my house while I can.

    how fun for you to have new house just in time for the summer. Any big plans or outings going on for you? We have church camp, VBS, reading buddies at the library so far. Hoping the girls will find jobs, so far no luck.

    I loved your PL update too last week, how awesome to see your new house pictures and fun plans you have. SO HAPPY FOR ALL OF YOU!!

    Crossing my fingers you don’t get called in for jury duty, I wouldn’t want that either.

    Have a great and fast week my friend!

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