hello hot summer weather // with temps reaching and surpassing 100 degrees this week, i see a lot of popsicles and indoor games in our future.

hello to saying goodbye // the boys (both of them) are going camping with my parents for a week, starting this coming weekend. A WHOLE WEEK! this means i will spend the first 2 days sulking around with nothing to do, the next 3 days enjoying the heck outta the quiet and freedom, and the final 2 days fretting about getting everything i possibly can done before they come home. it’s a bittersweet reality.

hello happy mail // i’m stalking the mailbox this week. i’ve got photos coming. i’ve got scrapbook supplies on their way. i’m jonzin’ for a full weekend day of getting october 2012 done. hey mailman, i’ve got my eye on you!

hello summer vacay // school’s out for summer and my goal is to have something fun for the boys to do instead of video games. i know it’s hot. i know that’s what they really like to do. i know they really only have 1 week before they go camp so i want them to just enjoy the freedom. they’ll be outside all day everyday next week. i might just take it easy on them this week.

happy week to you!!

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1 thought on “helloMONDAY”

  1. Such fun post, love reading these from you. WOW, you guys are hot there already. We’ve had some hot days too, loving them!
    WOW, a week with no kids, oh man that is awesome for you and Matt!! You described me exactly as how I would feel. Those first two days would be sad but then my happy side would come out. ENJOY IT!!!
    YIPPEE!! for happy mail!! Have fun with the new goodies!
    Happy Summer to all of you!

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