weekly wrap up

weekly wrap up 2013 // week 22

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a little peek into my life, through my lens.


monday | may 27:

marshall helped me finish a diy sign, which will be on the blog soon!




a gloomy memorial day bbq still called for red pants and flip-flops.




my #ootd: a little patriotic today


me and muh boys.
#fmsphotoaday // may 27: can't live without // these guys. our freedoms. those who sacrificed and those who serve. #memorialday


thankful for today and all who served and are serving. i pray we can keep the freedoms they fought so hard for.






tuesday | may 28:

this boy was in desperate need of a cut.




and i was in desperate need of chick-fil-a. it was family night so face painting and balloon making were in full swing.




the amazing ladies painted that train and made this mario. uh.mazing.




even gibson and the cow made friends.

chick-fil-a rocked tonight!


wednesday | may 29:

love when new jamberry nails come in the mail. i used navy quarterfoil, emerald+mint plaid and swiss dot in green and navy. love this color combo!

#nailart #jamberrynails // mint and emerald plaid, navy quarterfoil & swiss dot emerald and blue // loving this combo, would you brave it too?


thursday | may 30:

eeeeeek, it’s the last day of school! the boys are thrilled and they were nice enough to pose for some pics before we took the final walk of the year.


last day of school = happy kids

hello ladies! #macaroni #imnotreadyforthis



and there he goes, running ahead. he’s playing sonic while i’m playing red light, green light.




i stayed to hang out and help with activities for play day (the last day of school fun). me and some awesome mommies painted rainbows, ninjas and ladybugs on the faces, hands and arms of dozens of little people.

but marsh was happy playing with bubbles.




a visit from music mike got them running and dancing and skipping. he’s a ton of fun!




this woman is amazing. she was gibson’s 3rd grade teacher also and i would say has been his BEST teacher. we were over the moon when we learned she’d be teaching jr. k and that marshall was blessed enough to get her too. what’s even better is that we know her personally outside of school and have watched her kids grow up on the football field. i love her. and i love this town.



friday | may 31:

the invites are out. the draft is scheduled. 88 days left. are you ready for some fantasy football?!?!


saturday | june 1:

marshall went to a fair with his aunt and uncle and cousin and i picked him up saturday morning. he was up late, of course, because you have to see the fair lights at night. but gibson didn’t go, he had plans with friends. either way, the 30 minute care ride put them both to sleep. as it always does.

car rides // knocking my kids out in a matter of minutes. #latergram

getting a little project life into my day while marsh naps and before we head to a birthday party for marshall’s best bud.


it's june 1st in real life, but in scrapbooking time it's finally october. I will be stalking the mailbox all week for my october photos and new supplies for project life. next weekend will be all scrappin' folks. this girl needs to catch up.

marshall, greyson (the birthday boy) and hank! boys who are ready for some pinata smashin’!

#fmsphotoaday // june 1: b is for BOYS! specifically boys who were ready to beat the tar out of a piñata. @tastone @lesterc99


cannot be happier i snapped this shot of marsh and i. he’s amazing and was such a doll when i asked his for a picture together.

#fmsphotoaday // june 2: #moment // it's rare moments like this that he will smile, is still and sweet enough to take a picture with me (all at the same time) #rhonnainstaquotes

sunday | june 2:

back at it on a warm sunday morning. having fun with the rhonna farrer goals font. 🙂

are you on instagram? yeah? follow me there @retrohipmama. i’ll totally follow you back, i love being inspired too!

it was warm and my app paused for 20 minutes of my run but the music was great and it felt good to move. #atitagain #ilovewhenawalkturnsintoarun (#rhonnadesigns_instagoals #pictapgo_app #photoshake)



hope you had an amazing week!

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