hello scale // you and i are not friends anymore. but i think it’s my fault. i’ve not really held up my end of the deal. it’s not you, it’s me.

hello to no kids // i just realized i won’t have to bathe anyone but myself. no one will be whining about turning off the screens. hubby and i will only be making meals for ourselves. i won’t be building any train cities. my teeth are the only one’s i’ll be brushing. just trying to see some positives while missing my kiddos.

hello quiet // you are kinda creeping me out. it was hard to fall asleep last night. i need to enjoy it, but it’s only the first day without the boys at home. i know i will miss you when you’re gone so i’ll enjoy you while you last.

hello worry // sorry, i can’t help it. the boys are not within arms reach and not even within my line of sight. they are in the wilderness. they are fishing, i should not worry about that. they are swimming, i should not worry about that. did marshall sleep in the tent with the boys or did he get scared and go into the trailer? these are the things i think about. i worry, but that’s normal right?

hello busy business // lots going on at work this week. a great big new client means lots to do on an already full plate. but our team will rock this!

hello pavement // with no boys at home this week, i will feel less guilty about running a little longer and shredding more often. matt and i are even planning evening walks together. me and my tennies are i are gonna hit you hard this week.

hello husband // just me and him this week. 🙂

what are you saying hello to this week?

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2 thoughts on “helloMONDAY”

  1. Andrea, you are so awesome!! Love this sweet post about all the things missing with no kids around. So funny you are. I know it’s hard, would be for me too. Would LOVE LOVE a week with just my hubby though too, so glad you get hot meals and walking together. Those sound like heaven to me right now. ENJOY IT!!

    My Hello Monday, is about my new Project Life to play with and admire. Having no church/soccer practices this week, only one babysitting day, sadly to rain and no sunny days which means saying hello to being mostly inside with kids ALL DAY LONG,EEEEKKKK!!

    Thanks for this wonderful sweet funny post!

    1. yay for new project life!!! can’t wait to see what you do with it all! good luck keeping the kiddos busy…enjoy your week sweetie!


      Andrea Gray


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