weekly wrap up

weekly wrap up 2013 // week 23

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monday // june 3

i ordered some new project life goodies and today the first of 3 packages arrived.

new scrap supplies // delivery # 1 of 3 // 3x4 cards from #simplestories + stamps from #pinkpaislee #isittheweekendyet?

but i have to put the joy aside because we have a sick kid. this is my view right now as marshall lays on me. his breathing is terrible and he’s struggling. i see the er in our future.


and after a bit more observation, to the er we went. he was great with the breathing treatment and his chest xray showed mild bronchitis. thankfully we noticed the signs and didn’t wait until 3am to take him. afterwards, he was tweaking from the steroids they gave him, but when he finally went down he slept great!

marsh-man was such a trooper at the ER yesterday. he developed a cough that turned into labored breathing and chest pain. he was miserable, but the breathing tx was so helpful.

#fmsphotoaday // on my table // crayons. flowers in desperate need of a water change. a receipt for something i need to return. gibson’s bowl of cereal and lemonade. keys. cough drops. an inhaler and marshall’s new rx.

#fmsphotoaday // june 3: on my table // keys, a bowl of cereal, an inhaler and a new prescription for Marshall's bronchitis, crayons, wipes, and flowers that are in need of a change of water. #keepingitreal #everythingisoutofplace

tuesday // june 4

the best part of my new stuff arrived today! i bought 6 new kits from scrapbook.com and have taken my time going through each one. later on while watching the voice, i sliced and diced the 4×6 and 3×4 inserts into piles. the happiness was difficult to contain.

i cannot even process the happiness going on right now. new kits from #echopark + #simplestories arrived today! friday night and saturday cannot get here fast enough! #pictapgo_app #itslikechristmasupinhere

a little shredding with jillian michaels left me with the best sore feeling. it’s been entirely too long and i deserved the pain.


wednesday // june 5

pictures are here, pictures are here! tonight when the kids go to bed, i will organize them into their proper weeks. to see how i do this, check out this post.


time to catch up on dance.


the weather this weekend is gonna be disgusting. thankfully my only plans are to scrapbook all day long.


thursday // june 6

ran into this cute appetizer in my latest issue of family circle. i want to make this NOW! but i think i will use blackberries instead of blueberries. 🙂


friday // june 7

only because it’s national donut day.


the boys had fun playing a game together.


saturday // june 8

it’s 7:38am and it’s already 76*. thankful for a cool day indoors.


making brownies to send with the boys. i added caramel and crushed pretzels. oh yum!

just topped my walnut brownies with crushed pretzels and caramel. the smell is absolute torture. #pictapgo_app

stepped outside to check the weather. yep. it’s hot.


the boys are almost packed. we leave in the morning.

getting the boys packed for a week of camping with my parents. they'll be having fun and we'll have a quiet house! #hatetoseethemgobutlovewhentheyreaway #itsonlyaweek #pictapgo_app

sunday // june 9

no service where my parents camp is okay with me.


the boys add to a cool teepee made out of branches and rocks.


my little nephew found a huge branch to contribute.


the boys always have fun with the walkie talkies.


me and my madre.


mi papi is always telling stories.


just loved looking out and seeing our gmc trucks and the flag.


ma and pa eating ice cream.


this kid always tries to get away from the camera, but sometimes i get shots like this by accident. 🙂


this is THE best ice cream on the planet.

the ice cream is my favorite part. this is a kids cup and its ginormous! #weallscreamforicecream

the boys: jt, gibby and yoshi


we are leaving them here for a week. yikes!!!

it's official. the boys are camping and we won't see them until next sunday. i already miss them terribly.

a beautiful sky on the drive home. alone.


enjoy your week!

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