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5 things // #longhairproblems

hair brings one’s self-image into focus; it is vanity’s proving ground.  hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices.  ~shana alexander

many years ago, i had short hair. and for a long time. i chopped my hair from bra-line to a-line-bob when i was 16. and keeping it short was part of who i was. the pixie cut was my best and favorite style of all. mostly, i don’t care much for hair on my neck or in my face, so naturally, i kept it short.

// 2004


// 2008

Jerry cousins and family reunion 025

// 2010

organize pics 254

2010 was about the time i decided to start the grow out process. i had a great stylist who helped me make the most out of each phase of growth.
i knew it would be a long road.
i prepared for irritating stages.
i also knew that when it got to the right length, it would all be worth it.

three and a half years later, we’re there!





as much as i LOVE having the freedom of bangs, no bangs, up, down, half up, vintage styles and experimenting with braids and waves, there are so many things about long hair that i just haven’t had to deal with for the last 17 years.

one // gets caught under my purse straps. annoying.

two // touches the backs of my arms and scares me. eeeek!

three // gets stuck in between my back and my seat when i’m driving, making it pull when i turn my head. rude!

four // blow drying takes the time of a tv show these days. hence the ponytails all the time.

five // it’s everywhere! like seriously….everywhere!

but i’ll be keeping it long. i absolutely love it and look forward to the possibilities.
what about you? long? short? don’t care? i wanna know!

hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.  ~hubert de givenchy, vogue, july 1985

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1 thought on “5 things // #longhairproblems”

  1. Andrea, I LOVE this post!! You looked so awesome in that first picture, so weird to see you with short hair. It looks good on you and so do all the hair lengths, you just look good no matter what you do!!
    So glad your enjoying the longer hair and can play with it more!!

    I had short hair as a child, my moms doing for all 3 of us girls. I started growing it a bit in 6th grade and just too my shoulders thru middle and then just tiny bit past my shoulders in high school and chopped short when I turned 40. Went into the salon and said color it, cute it do whatever you want and have fun. So she did and I liked it but these last couple years have been a struggle with it. Long story short, can’t stand my hair right now and not sure what I want or will do about it. The last few weeks I just shower and go, no drying no heat no nothing, whatever it does I just let it and go with it. My hubby says he likes it but it’s driving me crazy!!

    Thanks for sharing and loved seeing the pictures of you in different stages. Let’s not even talk about how cute and young Gibson was, oh man time flies.

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