how do you feel about mondays?

me? they aren’t so bad actually.

mondays give light to new opportunities.
mondays allow us to start again, with less intention and more action.
mondays bring us back to reality.
mondays are full of memories from the weekend past and let us dream of the weekend that approaches.
mondays make sure we’re alive and paying attention.

mondays give me a chance to step firmly into the week. grounded. ready. prepared to take on challenges.

mondays are like mini new years days. is it just me, or do you also have more motivation to work out and avoid junk than any other day of the week? except when i cave, and drop those coins into the delicious vending machine and tear open that bag of peanut m&ms, i am reminded that i don’t necessarily need it to be a monday to start over fresh.
each day is that chance.
each meal is that opportunity to make a good decision.
each conversation is a chance to make someone’s day or make someone smile.
each task allows us to grow as a person.

and while most of us dread the most dreaded day of the week, maybe this monday it will look like a shiny quarter on the ground that is placed at our feet to pick up and savor. maybe that monday is today. just don’t waste it on the trash in the vending machine.

hello monday!

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2 thoughts on “helloMONDAY”

  1. LOVE your thoughts on a new week, a new beginning. Gonna hang this on up at my desk to remind me. Living life with renewal, reaction and a positive outlook!

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