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well, hello there monday. you sure came knocking loudly, didn’t you?
i’m okay with you visiting, but tomorrow, i am moving on.
don’t fret, we’ll be together again soon. although, sooner than i would like.
but since you’re here, there are a few things we can be happy about:

hello delicious iced tea // it’s 80 degrees and muggy at 7am and that’s not a good start to the day. but i’ll get through it with a/c and this gorgeous tumbler of iced earl grey.

hello comfy blouse // i grabbed a few new pieces from target and a blouse is one of them. it’s full of color and fits like a dream.

hello weekend house guests // this weekend brings our friends and a weekend full of video games (for the boys) and scrapbooking (for me and cheri). my girlfriend and i have been scrappin’ buddies since the late nineties and this weekend i am introducing her to project life. they also don’t have a chick-fil-a where she lives so we’ll be having that for sure. 🙂

hello birthday boy // matt turns another year older this week. he’s about to move from the mid-thirties to the late-thirties. it’s kinda crazy to think of these larger numbers being our ages when not long ago they used to be the ages of other people’s parents and older folks that we looked up to. so since i refuse to grow up too fast, all i have to say is that’s totes cray-cray.

hello guys group // gibson starts a fresh new year of his bible study this friday. i am so happy that he loves his guys group and that learning about god and the word can be fun and comfortable.

hello second week of school // due to very foreseen circumstances and a hundred red flags, we switched marshall to a different kindergarten teacher last friday. this not only means a new teacher (who he already knows) but it means a later start and end time. which then leads to marshall not having anymore naps during the week. knowing this time would eventually come, we’re ready, but over the weekend, we let him go without a nap and learned quickly that it is still so necessary for him. it will be quite the transition for all of us.

hello back to school night // looking forward to meeting all seven of gibson’s teachers this week. i will enjoy it mostly because i know those hallways and corridors aren’t mine. middle school was an awful period of time for me and i am enjoying knowing that gibson is so far beyond where i was during these years and that his experience during this time are happy and positive.

hello photo delivery // all of my march pictures are due to arrive this week from persnickety prints. this means i have two full months of project life to work on while cheri is here this weekend! i can barely contain my excitement!!! bring on the eighties music and the junk food!

anything special you’re saying hello to?

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