hello monday



hello you!
hello monday!

hello work // why is so hard to be with you when i know i’m leaving you soon? vacation is near and i feel like all you’re trying to do is keep me here. i need to hustle this week. i need out! lots to finish before the year is over and i have exactly 6 working days to do it. can you be nice and be a team player? thaaaaaanks!

hello lunch // super excited to have lunch plans with my girl today. been missing her and i owe her a big hug. ready for some major gossip catching up. 😉 i hope you’re ready to endure talking and chewing at the same time.

hello wrapping // you’re like the never ending project. the gifts are almost all prettied up and there’s still more to go! there are plenty of presents under the tree now that are keeping the boys intrigued so thanks for hiding all of our surprises, but there’s so much more waiting for them. i love to see their excitement when the tree is overflowing with gifts on christmas morning but hanging out with you seriously wrecks my back. but it’s worth it. so you and i shall get together again tonight with cheesecake and shows. is it a date? btw, i apologize in advance for what the children will do to you in 9 days. again, very sorry.

hello winter // i started to think you forgot about us. then you arrived suddenly a few weeks ago. like out of the blue. now you’re being so cold i don’t even know if i want you around anymore. you’ve taken away my warm sun and replaced it with ice. i wish you would cry instead. well, maybe i don’t. then i’ll just get wet. i guess you can stay, but i’ll need your gloves.

what are you saying hello to this week?


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