move more eat well, one little word

moving and eating to a stronger me

it’s january 1st and what better way to start off a new year than with a cool story and some motivation!

so the other day, when i posted about my one little word for 2014, i have to be honest, i was worried about it.
i was worried i couldn’t hold up my end of this deal.
i was afraid that without the right and constant motivation, i would drift off and fizzle out.

as i normally do, i clicked onto instagram and in my feed was a post from the lovely cathy zeiskle about a giveaway of her new move more, eat well jumpstart class. i had read a summary of her class a few days before and thought, sure would be nice. might help keep me on track. but i glazed over it, not really thinking about it, but contemplating how i could stay motivated.

when i saw the giveaway on monday morning, i immediately thought that my bloggy-texting-insta-buddy dawn would love this. so naturally, i tagged her and scrolled down for a few posts. after a few minutes i clicked over to see my notifications and saw that 30 minutes earlier, dawn had actually tagged me in the same giveaway post. DUDE! great minds!

i texted her the funny coincidence and we both mentioned how cool it would be to win the class for free.
but i never win things.
okay, i won a stamp set from give a girl a blog (who’s a super rad chick) once, but literally, that’s it.
i didn’t even think about the class after that.
plus, here’s the thing. i don’t diet. i’ve always been thin, but the past few years i have seen that i have to do more to keep myself thin and i haven’t been doing that. so i was apprehensive about jumping into something that might just be a short-term placeholder. eating well and moving more is a lifestyle, not a diet. this i know.

going along about my day, i fluttered around the house from project to project. just enjoying my vacation with nothing important to do. the day started to wind down and matt and i were just sitting in the family room on our devices while marshall made a candyland battle when the email came in. i got a twitter notification from cathy herself that dawn and myself had been tagged as the winners of the giveaway! i think i actually screamed out loud and matt gave me some crazy look! i immediately texted dawn, not realizing it was almost 10pm her time but she saw my text and responded with about as many happy faces and clapping hands as you can fit into one text! i am so excited to have her as a partner on this journey.

Big Picture Classes

i emailed cathy back, as per her instructions, and received my pre-class confirmation first thing the next day (tuesday). and with the speedy quickness, i watched her intro video, reviewed all the gorgeous cards and started printing. and while the boys played, i colored the icons in PSE and used my silhouette to print & cut out a few that i liked. i have a journaling pen that’s a perfect match to the blue and a green stamp pad in the perfect shade. you can call me ready!


then i cut up all the cards and have them stored in one of my studio calico pl kit boxes. it’s a perfect storage place until i get my photo pockets. i plan to use the project life small variety pack (8 1/2 x 11) and just include the pages of this journey into my 12×12 pl album. easy peasy.


if you can’t tell, i’m excited about this change and optimistic about the results.
and i plan to document my journey, right here, in pure project life form.
because it’s how i roll.


happy new year to you! i hope you can make 2014 great!


7 thoughts on “moving and eating to a stronger me”

  1. WE WON WE WON!!! I am sooooo excited about this and can’t believe it either girlfriend!! It was meant to be, I had a feeling when I tagged you that this was going to be something but didn’t know for sure. It feels like winning the lottery only not as good but still soooo AWESOME!! I knew this is what we both needed this year and would be great inspiration for your OLW!

    I am so thrilled to be your partner on this getting STRONG journey and know we are going to do it right this time and keep doing it!!

    Dawn xoxo

    WE WON WE WON!!!
    Your plans sound great too, I don’t have that size protectors, will do what I can for now with the 12×12.

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