hello monday


hello monday.
i’m not very fond of you today. you symbolize having to get out of my warm bed and leave my family for a full day of using my brain and having to interact with people who i’m not related to.
you pretty much suck right now.
but because i am a person who is true to my word and follows through on my commitments, i did come back to work after a very enjoyable 2 week vacation at home.
so to welcome the very first monday of 2014, here are some other things i am saying hello to this week:

hello work // may you bring less stress and pressure than the last 4 months. thank you.

hello schedules and routines // may you bring me back to a focused mind so things get done and i don’t fall off track.

hello food // may you provide me with the protein, nutrients and energy my body needs. and satisfy me enough to ward off the insane junk food cravings this week will bring.

hello workouts // may you be a focus this week and not feel like a burden. you’re only on the calendar for tuesday, thursday and saturday. it’s not much, but needs to be a priority.

hello copper mountain // may you bring a world of inspiration to me this weekend. i have a big full week of project life to complete and i’m looking to you to provide a bunch of cool new products to use! (copper mountain is the january kit from studio calico.)

hello jumpstart // may you continue to remind and inspire me to check into class each day for the move more, eat well class as i start back to work. i need the daily kick to keep myself in check.

will you join me and my friend breanna on our hello monday journeys?


3 thoughts on “hello monday”

  1. Totally agree with everything , except the tues, thurs, sat exercise , need to schedule and make mine a priority too!

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