hello monday


hello monday!

hello sunshine // we still have no rain here, and even though it’s pretty cold, i’m enjoying the sunshine as i have a feeling a downpour is coming!

hello moving more and eating well // the path is paved for a week of eating well and completing my 3 scheduled workouts.

hello embroidery // i have my heart set on a new design and am excited to get started after work

hello instagram // i’m a bit of an instagram junkie and post there frequestly. are we following each other? if not, i love to follow new people. there’s a link to my profile on the sidebar, and a link right here. 🙂

hello panera // just scheduled a lunch date with a super sweet girlfriend! she used to work in my building and has since left and i miss her smiles and laughs.

hello room re-arranging // the boys will be switching beds which means marshall gets the bunk bed (he’s mostly excited about being on the top and building a fun fort underneath) and gibson moves back into a traditional bed. both of their rooms will require some major rearranging and i plan on getting a start on it throughout the week. 🙂

is there anything special you’re saying hello to this week?

i hope your monday treats you well!


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