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moving more and eating well update // plus an app mash up

eating well and moving more is not a one time thing.
it’s a journey.
and it’s difficult.

but no one ever said that making major changes to my bad habits would be easy.
some days i have a bad attitude because i feel like i am depriving myself of goodies.
other days i am so proud of myself for filling up on the good stuff and having a workout so good that i wouldn’t dream of touching those soft and chewy chips-ahoy cookies.

and since the only way to truly succeed in a feat such as weight loss or getting fit or eating better is accountability….i’m sharing my journey so far. always on instagram, and them summed up here weekly.

along with my awesome guy, my insta-friends and cathy zielske’s move more eat well jumpstart class…we’re making progress!

part of the process is documenting it. and since i’m totally into that, this totally works for me!

here is my cover page. i am using half of a becky higgins design a pocket page. i am ready to do this!


the next spread has my story, my numbers (which are important to me, but not necessarily to the world), one word (which happens to be my one little word), and some good habits i want to start. a photo of me before a run symbolizes movement, one thing to get me started will be to make sure i have good and healthy recipes to refer to and of course, the obligatory “before” photo.


week one was actually better than i expected. i recognized my goal blockers, what i can change, what makes me feel good and what i can do. i made very good choices by sticking to my workouts and putting good things on my plate. week 1: success!


for week 2, it’s been a bit more difficult. the excuses began to seep in slowly. the motivation was there but i let in a bit more junk than i should have. the desire was lingering but the willpower wasn’t strong enough during some stressful moments. but i’m learning. learning that good food tastes and feels better. and that’s something.

to begin week 2 we selected another word and thing to focus on. i want each workout to count. i don’t want to waste my time and just half-ass it. if i’m gonna shred, i’m gonna push myself harder than i have before. if i’m going to run, i’m going to run faster and harder for longer periods of time. i need to push forward.
also, cathy is asking us to dig a bit deeper and to list some items that restore me. of course, doodles were involved.


during week 2, i did accomplish some goals that i will be including in my upcoming pages:

1) i ran on saturday morning, BEFORE i scrapped! it set the tone for the rest of the day in a super positive way!


2) i found an amazing tomato soup recipe on pinterest that is considered paleo, and i guess that’s sorta how i’m trying to eat. anyways, i added a bunch of spinach instead of the pasta i would normally have. and i never even missed it. 🙂


and i need to be honest with myself about the future. this right down there. that picture. that feels REALLY great. the run makes me a good person. i need it. the week is not over. today is thursday and a perfectly good day for a run. so that’s what i will do.


and because i like to share things i love, i’m sharing an app mash-up that has been kicking my boo-tay in such a good way:

say hello to the 25-minute interval run.
i use the 5k runner app + a spotify playlist i created with songs that match the speed of each section of the intervals. the songs are fun and full of motivation. some songs may not be appropriate for you if you are offended by some types of music. but if you’re open to all kinds of great tunes, this is a super fun playlist. i just start the running app, then start the playlist in spotify (making sure it’s not on shuffle) and begin a 25 minute run/walk session that leaves me sweating and proud of every drop.

how are you doing on your goals and challenges? whatever you’re facing, stay strong!


3 thoughts on “moving more and eating well update // plus an app mash up”

  1. I am doing OLW and Moving More Eat Well and as of today have done nothing but PIN stuff and print. But you have totally inspired me, Thank you. But You really have. I am following you now because you talk normal and I love your pages. Thanks

  2. Good job!! I cannot wait to get over this injury so I can get back to some sort of activity. I’d just gotten into a good morning walking routine and then this happened. Eating well and getting moving have always been so hard for me.

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