hello monday



hello monday.

recently, i’ve had a difficult time saying hello to you and saying it with affection.
you get in the way of my personal time.
you stifle my creativity.
you end my family time.
these things are true and you know it. and i believe i’m not alone. nobody really likes you.

but so you don’t go sulking into the corner…you do have one redeeming quality: you provide a fresh start.
you allow for a fresh set of goals, a new desire to change and a chance to be better.
you’re like a mini new year’s each week.
and i am grateful for this.
so, thanks.

i have to brag for one second because my weekends usually come with laziness when it comes to moving and eating but not this weekend. since last week was full of dreadful decisions in the food department and almost completely lacking in the moving department, i needed a redemption weekend! and i gave myself one by working out with a chilly run on saturday morning and a pilates session on sunday afternoon. these actions created good thoughts and helped me make good food decisions (minus a few treats).

so today, i am seeing monday as a continuation of making a better change in myself and keeping up the good habits.

and here’s what else i’m saying hello to:

hello workouts that count // half-ass workouts are a waste of time. my time is precious and i’m very selfish with it, so if i’m going to commit to 30 minutes of anything, i plan on making it worth the sacrifice. on the schedule is a weight session, a shred and a full body pilates workout.

hello to 13 years of marriage // this weekend, matt and i can mark another year off in the marital record books. we have no plans for this specific weekend, but you can bet there will be the normal playful and hilarious tone in the house. we are truly blessed.

hello style // if you can believe it, we just might see a style post this week. i haven’t shared any outfits here in such along time. but if you follow me on instagram, you’re totally up to speed!

how about you? what does monday bring for you? whatever it is, make it great!





5 thoughts on “hello monday”

  1. Hi, noticed your Pin from two years ago… The you’re the ice in my coca cola. Can you tell me if the free printable is still available? Thanks, T

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