you say goodbye, i say hello monday

hellomonday_header copy

good bye weekend, hello monday off // i love monday’s that do not include work. thanks to our presidents, i get a 3-day weekend and i am enjoying every moment.

goodbye 2013, hello 2014 // this weekend, i completed my 2013 project life album. it’s a little odd being just 7 weeks behind. but i’m not complaining as i begin my 2014 title page and the first few weeks of the year.

goodbye long hair, hello haircut // the decision has been made. i will be cutting my hair short again. i will be saying goodbye to clogged drains, 30 minute blow-outs, heavy ponytails and frustrating days where it gets caught in everything. and saying hello to a simple bob cut that will allow for soooo many styles; modern, everyday and vintage.
check out this video that solidified that this was the style for me:

goodbye office, hello road trip // this week, the boss man and i take a trip down to monterey to see a client and we get to stop in san jose along the way to have coffee with a former client who we both just adore and miss working with.

goodbye second trimester, hello final leg of the school year // gibson’s 2nd trimester ends this friday, which means he’s got just a few more months of school left, which is kinda crazy to think about.

anything you’re saying hello or goodbye to?


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