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fashion friday // colorful confidence




hello my lovlies! i think it’s been some time since we chatted about fashion. too long even.

i’d love to share posts like this more often if you’re interested. 🙂

my goal is to inspire you to shop in your own closet instead of thinking you have to run out and buy new things to make an outfit. of these outfits we’ll talk about today, only 4 items were purchased in the last month. 2 tops, a pair of flats and a necklace.
yep. that’s it.
everything else has been part of my wardrobe for 6 months or longer.

as we stroll through these outfit ideas, make note of items in your closet now that are similar. in style, or color .

be bold.
polka dots, red and bandannas are my go-to items for a quick vintage look. adding a barrel roll puts on another touch of throwback.




pretty pair.
here i’ve mixed yellow and hot pink and added denim for a neutral. also, tucking in your shirt adds a more feminine look. try it!




get trendy.
this hi-lo dress is a piece that is new to my wardrobe. and when i say new, i mean i bought it last summer. it pairs nicely with a light denim button up, tied at the waist.




show some love.
being a cali girl is fun, because now it’s cool to wear a bear on your shirt. also, what i love most about this look is the whole graphic-tee-tucked-into-a-girlie-skirt thing.




shoes can be accessories.
when i buy shoes, i like to find them in colors that can go with many items in my closet. flats like these are perfect with several shades of pinks and teals. find places to pop out colors with jewelry or a belt.




go big or go home. (or stay home).
make a statement with a bold (but not obnoxious) necklace. i wore this with black wide leg trousers and white chucks. bam.



style is everywhere, now go find yours!

🙂 andrea


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