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project life update 2014 // week 25 – 27 (includes a video)

hello there scrappy friends! today i have a few weeks worth of project life pages to share. i also have a fun process video for the last page so be sure to check it out at the end!

we are in the thick of summer in these pages and i’m enjoying using a bunch of random products that aren’t really meant to go together. i d hope you enjoy!

week 25 (lots of fun at home, just loving being together)
IMG_4815 IMG_4816
week 26 (lots of summer activities and sunshine)
IMG_4818 IMG_4819



week 27 (although the weekly title card says 26. gotta make sure i fix that)






weekend of week 27 (check out the process video below)

i hope you were able to spend some crafty time yourself or maybe you’ve got a project you’re working on. let me know what you’ve got going on this week!

happy scrapping!

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