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bible art journaling // an introduction

can i be honest with you?
i am terrified of the bible.
i have never really understood it and that has prevented me from getting deep into the word of God. recently began a new bible study on Hosea and i was super interested in learning and studying. but the words always go in one eye and out the other. i have a difficult time retaining information unless i write it down and as an adult, i am so glad i know this about myself. so, you know how God’s timing is pretty much perfect? well, yeah, here is a perfect example of that.

i began noticing photos of scrapbook type art in the margins of bibles showing up in my facebook news feed. intriguing.
women were gathering in a facebook group and sharing their art. bible art. sharing verses and topics that spoke deeply to them and how they were engaged in the word of god while drawing, doodling and painting. uuummm, i clicked JOIN GROUP in a heartbeat!

since i love hand lettering and i have a ton of scrapbook supplies, i gathered up some stuff i thought would be perfect for bible journaling. after researching a few different bibles, i settled on this one: ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (Black)

outside of buying the bible, i only bought a $10 set of watercolor paints (which i needed anyway), a bottle of gesso (which is only necessary for painting) and a $4 stamp set. i will link to these items at the end of this post.



my bible arrived on a friday. naturally i wanted to rush home from work and was so excited to get started. i had seen a few people doodling on the edges of their bibles and knew that i wanted to do something like that. and a simple hello jesus was perfect for me. i sketched it in pencil first, then carefully penned it with an ultra fine sharpie.



choosing a special verse for the opening page wasn’t too difficult. even though i don’t have many verses memorized, i knew i wanted this one. 2 CORINTHIANS 5:7 says for we live by faith, not by sight. this has been on my heart for as long as i can remember. i never doubted God’s presence or questioned His love for me. so i sketched and penned into the night.



there is no one way to journal in your bible. whatever kind of medium you enjoy is perfectly fine! personally, i do like several different kinds of art and wanted to try a few out to see what worked best on this thin paper. i’m going to share 3 with you today:


watercolor // messy art is sooooo not comfortable for me but i really wanted to just go with the flow of my watercolors and color outside of the lines (on purpose)! and have faith that it would be okay. plus, it’s about the words and not the perfection. for this style, i placed a small piece of freezer paper behind the page so the water didn’t soak through.



sketching // my next adventure lead me to this verse from isaiah. since strong is my one little word for this year, i had this quote saved on my pinterest board and thought this was the perfect place to finally put it down on paper. i decided to keep this one in pencil because i liked the look of the sketches.



scrapbook style // earlier i mentioned that i am trying to keep up with she reads truth’s Hosea bible study. as i read through the study in the she reads truth app, i highlighted certain verses and words i wanted to remember for a future worship art session. using random scrapbook supplies, i laid out my reflection of what i got from Hosea 2:19-20. sometimes i need a reminder…and a little humor to help.




my hope is that you’re not afraid to get your bible a little messy. this style of worship may be scary or weird, but for me, it’s drawing me to the words i’ve longed for but have been fearful of for years.

for more info on getting started in your own journaling bible project, the following ladies have amazing tips for you:
shanna noel: founder of the journaling bible community on facebook
heather greenwood: this chick has some of the best tutorials for bible journaling


happy worship-scrapping!



Artist's Loft Fundamentals Watercolor Pan Set


2 thoughts on “bible art journaling // an introduction”

  1. What a wonderful post! I joined She Reads Truth today. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to dig deeper in the Word. Now I need to get a journaling Bible. 😊

  2. Very cool! I am excited for you to dig into God’s word! Also, I had no idea people were creating art in their Bibles. I am such a visual person and love this and will have to explore it. Thanks for the post!

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