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illustrated faith // praise the lord

Photo Mar 10, 4 33 14 PM
praise and worship looks different for all of us. some pray quietly and some sing loudly. some journal and some draw. the best part is that it’s all good and it’s all for God.

Photo Mar 10, 4 33 37 PM

since the moment i heard the news that Illustrated Faith was designing a praise book – i imagined it would be a place where i could make pages that were like little messages to God – or in this case a fun and crazy collage of color!

Photo Mar 10, 4 32 08 PM

it would be a place that i could get down my fears and joys and promises.

Photo Mar 10, 4 32 24 PM

the first page i made in my praise book was soooo fun! i used new paints and die cuts from to add color and texure and sentiments that spoke to my faith and blessings.

Photo Mar 10, 4 33 28 PM

Photo Mar 10, 4 33 22 PM

Photo Mar 10, 4 32 49 PM

the rest of the praise book is full of blank yet mildly decorated pages that give you a starting point and an open space to create your own notes to God. i’ve already created a page and process video for Illustrated Faith and you’ll see that in April!

i hope you are able to grab one for yourself – or a journal lover in your life. get messy, splatter some paint or add a few elements and write until your heart is on the page! but whatever you do, keep it real – and COLORFUL!!

happy praising!

supplies used in this project can be found below with direct links to where to find them.

Illustrated Faith - Praise Book Illustrated Faith - Shanna's Favorite Paint Set and Paint Cards Illustrated Faith - Paint It - Paint Cards, Set of 5 Illustrated Faith - Pop Culture - 31-Piece Die Cut Prompts

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