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Look Inside // 2017 Personal Traveler’s Notebook vol. 1

Oh hey girl! Soooo, whatcha been up to? Me? Oh, nothing much. Just being completely OBSESSED with Traveler’s Notebooks and creating like a maniac.

I filmed a quick little flip-thru if you’d like some verbal explanation of the pages, otherwise, I’ve got detailed photos below. I hope you enjoy!

photo-jan-07-4-27-01-pm photo-jan-07-4-27-10-pm photo-jan-07-4-27-14-pm photo-jan-07-4-27-25-pm photo-jan-07-4-27-35-pm photo-jan-07-4-27-50-pm photo-jan-07-4-27-56-pm photo-jan-07-4-28-13-pm photo-jan-07-4-28-39-pm-1

Let me know if you have any questions!
Happy documenting!

3 thoughts on “Look Inside // 2017 Personal Traveler’s Notebook vol. 1”

  1. Hi Andrea, I so LOVE watching your videos! Always like a breath of fresh air, and so very inspiring! This is the first year I’m (trying) to take on a “one little word”. I’m still struggling to narrow it down as so many really good ones have to come to mind, and I have many things I need to work on! And I’m struggling to know what to do with it once I decide on it. Do you do that All Edwards workshop? I am hesitant to sign up for that because I can’t really justify paying for it and worry about not being able to keep up with it, I really want to just do some journaling or exercises related to my word, but can’t come up with a plan on my own. I need an outline, or some prompts to get me into it. Just wondered if you were using any resources or just doing it on your own. You are also making me want to buy everything Illustrated Faith!!! I just don’t know where to start when I want it all but can only afford a little at a time! Thanks for sharing your talent and creativity and inspiration with all of us. I admire you a lot!

    1. Hi Amy Jo! You are so sweet and I totally love your excitement and enthusiasm for all the crafty things. I have learned not to force the One Little Word. Let it speak to you and honestly, maybe you just pick and roll with it! I do not take Ali’s class. I have one year but couldn’t keep up with the monthly assignments. I just try to incorporate it into my personal scrapbook and my bullet planner so that I can see it and be reminded of my goals associated with it. I don’t really have a plan myself but I know what you mean about needing to have something to “do” with it. I have taken my word and broken it down into small actions so those are the actions I focus on. When I run across a quote or an image that I feel is about my word I will use that in my album to document maybe how I’m doing or feeling about my word at different times during the year.
      I know it’s overwhelming with all of the products and projects swirling around, just do what comes naturally to you and make sure you’re having fun! 🙂

  2. Hey Andrea! First of all, I love your work and I love watching your videos. I have been following you on Instagram for awhile, but just started watching your videos and I am binge watching them LOL
    I was wondering for your personal documenting if you document everyday? It doesn’t seem like you are documenting in ‘order’ of day to day either so how do you decide what to document when? I don’t spend enough time creating and I’m trying to change that. My OLW for 2017 is CREATE. I have bought enough supplies to last me 10 lifetimes but don’t sit down and use it and I’m trying to change that. Thanks so much!! Mandy

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