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Elle’s Studio // Traveler’s Notebook with Live Laugh Love Collection


Hello Friends! I couldn’t be more excited to share this project with you which shows off the brand new Live Laugh Collection!

In a nutshell, I used the papers to build my own traveler’s notebook for documenting my day at PlannerCon2017 and I wanted to really show more than just the final product. So along the way, I snapped photos of how I put it together. Each photo below is a set of process photos and I’ll talk about each part but then I also have a video look inside so you can see the end result up close and personal.

These photos will go from left to right so you can follow along:

  1. I selected 12×12 papers and 6×6 papers that I would match my photos.
  2. I cut the larger papers down to TN size (approx:  XXXX)
  3. I then arranged them in an order that would put coordinating papers next to each other.
  4. Same as step above.

5. I laid out photos and die cuts I wanted to use.
6. Once the pages were arranged how I wanted, I gave them a slight fold so I had a guide for the stitch.
7. I ran the whole book right through my sewing machine. One tip, make the stitch a healthy length. If you make it too short then the pages will perforate. Trust me on that! HAHA!
8. Now you have a book!

9.   Here’s a quick peek inside so you can see how some pages look when opened.
10. I narrowed down the supplies I wanted to use and stored them in a flat tray to keep them handy while I worked on the book.
11. Here’s a closeup of the embellishments I used.
12. And the cover – all finished!

This is probably a great time to share the video with you so you can see how it all came together. Then you’ll have some more detailed photos to follow!

Check out some more details of the book using the Live Laugh Love Collection! It’s available in the shop now!

Thanks so much for hanging out and watching!

See you soon,


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