Illustrated Faith >> Made & Known by Him

Hello sweet friends! So far July has been pretty eventful! We moved – and it was unexpected & extremely emotional. Little by little God has been working on my heart and I wanted to share how He’s given me one big wink that has made this transition so much easier.

The traveler’s notebook page I created uses a ton of goodies from the Print & Pray Shop and each set gave me just the right images and words to document this story. How gorgeous are those flowers and that adorable little bot!


Sometimes, life moves fast. I’m sure you experience the rush of things as well. When I slow down enough I tend to notice the little winks God throws at me. It only happens when I’m truly plugged into Him and sometimes that means I’m just completely drained. With all the packing and moving, life sure has been chaotic.


So, we started moving on Saturday and it took until Wednesday night before we were done. I worked day and night and the physical & emotional toll was exhausting. Moving alone can do that to anyone and for me, moving from a 4 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apartment was challenging my spirit. I was running on empty.


When I woke up on Thursday morning I felt a small sense of peace. So for the first time, I decided to open up my patio blinds and was greeted with God’s glorious gift – a sunrise. Right there. Not behind the trees or a house. Right in the open space. I sat on my comfy patio chair, put my feet up and thanked God for placing me here. He was saying “Girl, I’m going to give you all the things your heart needs while you’re here. I got you!” He designed me so He knows exactly what I need – even when I don’t. I am so thankful to know a God who knows me and my heart!


That evening I was finally able to print all the new releases from the Print & Pray shop and another little God Wink was this gorgeous hand lettered quote by Brianna Showalter and I knew that even though the sunrise is for everyone – this one was special just for me – and I did like it.


For this page, I chose not to include the photo because I really wanted the words and colors to reflect my feelings. The bright and fun colors were perfect!


A sunrise may not be God’s wink to you but paying attention and being tuned into His signal will allow us to hear His messages. Allow Him to give us the desires of our heart and fill our empty tanks. Rely on Him and accept his amazing gifts.


Thank you for allowing me to share this with you! I pray that you will be tuned in to hear Him speak to you.
Have a fantastic day!


Wonderfully Wired
Shine! & Shine Cards
Simple Things
Basics paper pad
Puffy Star Stickers in Orange Mix
Puffy Cross Stickers in One in a Melon
Black Enamel Heart
Water Colors (Michael’s)
IF Date Roller Stamp
IF .35 Pen

1 thought on “Illustrated Faith >> Made & Known by Him”

  1. I love the term “God Wink.” I feel like I had my own Wink this week. Actually not really a wink, more like a “Hey Girl, quit your complainin’!” as we are almost at the end of our own unexpected downsizing/moving experience. I have enjoyed all your posts during your recent move because it’s SO similar to my families’ situation. Thanks for your inspiration!

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