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ANNOUNCEMENT! Retro Hip Magazine

If I had a rooftop, I’d be up there shouting this out! Just kidding, actually I’m just going to sit right here where it’s safe because I’m an introvert! LOL!

But thankfully you crafty babes like to hear cool news and that’s what I’m bringing to you today!



YES! My very own publication. Like a real, big-girl magazine! It’s full of worksheets and written content and stuff you can rip out and use in your scrapbooks!

And sketches! I gathered up lots of Traveler’s Notebook sketches and put them into categories. Each issue will feature 3 categories and an awesome designer to join me in sharing several styles with you!

Issue 1 – Spring 2018 is available NOW at and it is available digitally or you can get a physical copy. All the details are in the shop!


Something I really want to highlight is the talent of YOU so I’m asking for submissions for our gallery for the next issue. email after reading through the details below!

I hope you enjoy this issue and all it has to offer! Let me know what you think and then get excited about the SUMMER issue!!


Have a swell day!

3 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT! Retro Hip Magazine”

  1. I tried to order fro
    Your site with a credit card but it won’t take it because I don’t have a pay pal account. Is that correct?

    1. Thanks for trying to purchase! You don’t actually need a PayPal account to purchase. When you get to PayPal it should give you an option to pay with a credit card! Hope that works for you!

      1. Yahoo! It worked! I got it and I LOVE it! You are amazing! I was also able to pick up a junk journal! Thank you for all you do!

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