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Autumn 2018 Issue of Retro Hip Magazine is available NOW!

Today is launch day!! The Autumn 2018 magazine is available for purchase in both digital and physical formats! SHOP HERE!


HOW IT WORKS: Get your copy early during the first day sale! The digital format is $10 for the first day then goes to regular price of $12 on Saturday. The physical format price cannot be discounted but remember that you’ll get free digital goodies when your issue arrives!

You have an option to buy the digital format which allows you to view the PDF on a computer or device. It can also be printed at home or with your local printer. You can print the whole thing or just the pages you want.

The physical format is available through the link in the shop as well. Just click on the Autumn Issue and within the description you’ll find a link to where you can order the magazine. They print and ship it right to you! Since the magazine is interactive, you’ll have access to specific pages in PDF format with a free code that’s found within the magazine itself. It’s like a treasure hunt, but it’s easy to find! Once you get your magazine in the mail, head back to my shop to download your goodies that you can print and use.

Speaking of printing and using the pages, don’t forget to join the #RHMagProjectChallenge so we can have fun going through the Issue together! Sign up here! Each week we will be working our way through 5 different parts of the issue and you’ll have access to these pages for free until 10/19, then they’ll be available for purchase for a minimal fee!

There’s also fun add-ons this issue! Labels and wallpaper and bonus cards! Grab them up!

Let me know if you have any questions! Also please let me know how you’re using and enjoying the magazine by posting and using #retrohipmagazine hastag and tagging @retrohipmagazine on Instagram.

I hope you love this issue as much as I have loved creating each page!

Happy crafting!



4 thoughts on “Autumn 2018 Issue of Retro Hip Magazine is available NOW!”

  1. How do I get in touch with you or someone if I have a problem. I purchased a digital copy of the Autumn magazine and tried to download to my phone. It failed. I don’t know what I’m doing apparently. I figured no big deal, I would get the link to download to my computer in the email that is send. But when I opened that email, tonight, it has been more than 24 hours since I purchased the digital copy and tried to download to my phone so the link has expired…leaving me without a magazine. And for the life of me I can’t figure out how to contact anyone regarding this, hence the message here. Feeling tired (long day), and a bit frustrated. Hoping I hear from someone…

    1. I am happy to help! Sorry for the frustration, unfortunately the shop vendor limits the download time to 24 hours. Please let me know the email address you used to purchase and I will resend your digital purchase right away!

      1. I resent them to you so you have 24 hours to download using that link. Thanks again for reaching out! I added a contact button to the shop, seems like something so simple that just never got added but I’m sure it would have made things a little easier for you! 🙂

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