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nail + string art // faith

a special friend deserves a special gift for christmas. a handmade gift, of course. a super cool, one-in-a-million, knew-she-liked-it-'cause-she-pinned-it, made-for-her gift. so this is what i made for my best girl. love ya t. supplies i used: any size raw wood light sandpaper stain rag embroidery floss nails hammer following the directions on the stain,… Continue reading nail + string art // faith

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handmade gift exchange is complete! + free template

i've been dying to get this post published! but since we've been sworn to secrecy until our gift has been received it has had to wait. but were done with the waiting because i mailed it off last week and it was received on friday! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- they say it is better to give than to receive. i… Continue reading handmade gift exchange is complete! + free template